Things To Look For When Searching For The Right Skateboard Brand

If you’re new to skating, it can be quite hard to choose the right board due to the numerous considerations. While they come in many different varieties, choosing the wrong skateboard could be disastrous. But if you’re patient enough to analyze your options, you’re guaranteed to choose the right skateboard brand that suits your preferences.

The amount of money your budget allows you to spend on the board is a vital consideration. Beware of cheap boards, especially those sold online, because they tend to be of low quality. By browsing local shops first, you’ll get to know the price range on different options and get a well-informed idea of how much you can afford. Additionally, your best bet would be to opt for stores that specialize in skating merchandise as opposed to general dealership. The former tend to sell quality products besides having specialists on hand to advice their customers.

Buyers can choose between 2 broad categories. Most beginners generally opt for complete boards due to their simplicity, while advanced skaters choose custom products where all parts are bought separately. When starting out, it’s generally recommended that one picks the pre-assembled boards. With time, you could then trade up to other components, having gotten a feel of what you like and what you’d rather do without.

The board’s construction is vital when it comes to choosing a skateboard. When shopping from local stores, the salesperson will help you identify the material. The most common wood type used to construct boards is the Canadian Maple, whose popularity stems from its stability and stellar quality. You can also find boards made of birch plywood and bamboo. If you’re looking for a cheap but durable board, look for those made using fiberglass and plastic.

Skateboard decks come in four main sizes, with the width being the distinguishing dimension. These include micro, mini, mid-size and full-size. Micro boards are meant for children under the age of 5, while mini boards are suitable for their slightly older counterparts. A mid-size board corresponds to a shoe size of 7 and 8, and is the most common beginning deck size for kids. Adults are better suited by full-size boards, which are usually 7.5 inches or wider. To make the right decision, visit a local shop for accurate measurement. Some outlets will even allow you to take the board on a short test ride.

A board’s shape will largely depend on its intended purpose. Beginners are advised to stick with wide-deck boards, while those who fancy doing basic tricks would find the narrower products more suitable. Still, it helps to try out any product prior to purchasing. This helps you get a good feel of the ride while taking your physical attributes into account.

Wheels have a significant influence on stability, speed and general riding experience. If your budget allows you to spend more, this is one area you should invest heavily in. Look for harder materials as they tend to be more durable. If you simply want to cruise around in your neighborhood, choose larger wheels that offer a more even ride.

Purchasing the right skateboard becomes much easier once you know what to look for. When shopping, examine all the board’s components to get a good grasp of its skating strengths. Generally, you’re better off sticking with conventional shapes and designs for safety reasons. As you progress, you may then opt for other products that suit your own style and preference.

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