What You Need to Know About the Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein castle is a Romanesque castle found in Fussen, in the southwestern area of Bavaria in Germany. The actual castle was originally run by King Ludwig II which he used as some sort of escape and also a kind of tribute to Richard Wagner and a lot of areas within the castle have been influenced by Wagner himself, specially the singers room which is seen on the 3rd floor and even consists of paintings of different people from the operas of Wagner.

The outside area of the castle has a gatehouse, together with a couple of watch towers. The actual gatehouse opens towards the courtyard which has a couple of levels and the southern area of the courtyard offers an outstanding view of the scenery and landscapes of the mountain. Close to the western end of the courtyard you will find an unfinished formation made of bricks that’s supposed to be a real chapel but was not ever successfully finished. The northern part of the court yard features a building structure with 3 levels typically known as “the knights house” that had been put to use as service areas. The western part of this courtyard showcases the “palas” which was a real hall featuring servants rooms as well as Ludwig’s stateroom.

The interior area of this particular castle was essentially designed to hold about 200 rooms, but it never was completely finished and basically only fifteen rooms have been finished totally. The castle is comprised of the entry hall, where the floor area is actually covered with mettlach tiles and it’s divided into a couple of aisles. The main hall of the castle consists of groined vaults along with amazing works of art. The castle’s throne room, which had been built as the “grail hall” of Parsifal and was specially designed in a unique Byzantine design was finished in the same year as the death of Ludwig. The actual throne room of the castle is made up of two storeys but it is missing one of the most crucial part of the whole room, the throne. The dining area is also decorated with gorgeous artworks which in turn represent the ‘period of the Minnesinger” and also features a single table which is more than one metre high. The actual interior design of this particular dining facility was basically designed by Julius Hoffman.

The bedroom was generally made in a Neo-Gothic kind of design and actually took around 4 and 1/2 years to complete and even had about fourteen wood carvers working away at it. The bedroom has wall paintings which actually represent a story of Wagner which is “Tristan and Isolde” and also a washstand which obtains its own water supply from a specific stream that’s located over the castle.

The castle’s chapel that is linked to the bed room was actually dedicated to the French king, King Louis IX and even has paintings centered on the actual life of Louis IX.

The castle’s dressing room area as designed with paneling made of oak and comes with artworks such as paintings which represents the different artworks of Hans Sachs and Walther von der Vogelweide. The living room space is extremely ornately decorated and has an extension chamber called the “swans corner” which was actually a tribute to the legend of the swan knight – Lohengrin. This particular castle showcased a man-made cave of stalactites which was built from paris and oakum plaster and was also designed as a place for Wagner to carry out his very own operas which were set in a cave.

The singer hall of the castle encompasses the whole fourth floor area of this particular castle and was created and designed by Julius Hoffman and it is a replica of the Minstrel hall of the Wartburg castle. The kitchen of the castle was an incredibly big room which was held up by only two columns or pillars and included a standing type stove along with a huge container for all fish.

The Neuschwanstein castle is still standing even today and gets tourists worldwide to check out all its incredible qualities. This castle sees more than six thousand site visitors per day in the summer and over a million visitors yearly.

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