6 max shorthanded poker games online

by seb hayyes

6 max games are a very interesting variant of no-limit poker. Because the field is reduced to 6 players or less, hand ranges can be much wider. Some plays that were -EV (expected value) at a full ring table can often be profitable 6 handed.

For example, some players don’t like raising small pocket pairs from early position (like Daut) full ring. But when you’re playing 6 Max you can profitably raise any PP from any position.

So what are the main differences between 6 max and full ring from a strategic standpoint?

* As was previously stated, pocket pairs can be opened from any postion profitably 6 handed, including under the gun.

* Your made hands are much stronger in 6 max games. You still have to worry about pot control but you have more room for value betting as a rule.

* A majority of pots will be played heads up or 3 handed. Because the game is more fast paced there will be numerous EV spots for the good player.

* You can profitably squeeze from the blinds because late position openers have wider ranges. Aggression is the key to success in this game in most cases.

So you’re having a hard time finding out which game suits you best? Well read through the following questions and see how often you answered yes.

* Do you enjoy maximizing you long term win rate at the expense of variance ? By this we mean although you will win more money in the long term your swings will be much larger?

* Do you like playing a lot of pots? Do you prefer creating a loose aggressive image at the table to get paid on your strong hands?

* Are you a grinder? Your hourly at the 6 max tables will be higher because the volume of hands that you will see. Do you like to multi-table?

* Do you take the time to study your opponents and make your plays based on specific reads. 6 max will give the opportunity to develop great reads.

The best game for you will depend on your approach to poker. Do you like high variance situations to maximize your expectation and multi-table ?

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