Betting on Football; How to Win Consistently

by Mark Cannon

You probably don’t know many people…maybe nobody at all…who wins more football bets than they lose. But, everybody knows folks who, if they are honest, admit to losing well over half their wagers.

But, there are some casual bettors who do make money, season after season, betting on football. And, these folks are not necessarily a lot brighter than their peers who lose money week after week and season after season.

The people able to make money wagering on football may have little else in common, but all believe it is essential to establish an unviolable set of rules. Below are the rules employed be a very successful recreational bettor, a man who has come away ahead during eight of the last ten seasons.

1. Begin each season with a budget. Decide the maximum you will bet on an individual game and the maximum number of games you will bet on each week. If you can’t stick to your budget, you shouldn’t be gambling. At best, it means you are not a good gambler; at worst it may mean you have a gambling problem.

2. Make your bets as you would make any investment. Consider your risk tolerance, analyze your opportunities (the individual games), and make well reasoned choices.

3. Bettors who choose lots of games are less likely to win than those who limit themselves to a few strong choices.

4. Understand the difference between potentially valuable data and “gee whiz” information. Is it important which team has a ten year edge in wins? Do scores against common opponents mean a lot? Everyone can assemble statistics and historical data…the trick is to decide what is important.

5. Continual analysis of the methodology you use to select teams and games is generally a winning formula. Changing the limits establised in step #1 is just the opposite.

There are, of course, no guarantees. But, these simple rules, adhered to with intelligence and discipline can give you a big edge as a recreational bettor. Good luck.

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