Holdem Indicator – Want to be a poker SHARK?

by Jeff Garret

Holdem Indicator is a unique poker calculator that can do the job of both a poker odds calculator and a poker tracker. It can accurately figure out all the different types of odds and track all your opponents statistics while playing texas holdem.

Holdem Indicator will display in easy to read percentages what the odds of both you and your opponents are of making a certain type of hand are. Holdem Indicator will also tell you precisely how loose or tight your opponents are and how aggressive they bet on both the pre and post flop.

Holdem Indicator is not like some of the other cheese poker odds calculators that will tell you in plain text what to do. The plain text advice might be good for some of the beginner players but it isn’t as accurate as taking all the facts (odds and statistics) and making a smart decision based upon the information given.

Don’t Worry! If you are a beginner Holdem Indicator has an easy to read meter just for you! This meter reads red at the bottom and becomes green toward at the top. Green = Raise/Re-Raise, Red = Check/Fold. Simple as that! When you start to become more proficient at reading the actual odds you will make better decisions.

If you are an intermediate to advanced texas holdem online player the Holdem Indicator online poker calculator gives you very detailed statistics about your winning chance, pot odds, sklansky hand ranking, EV and also statistics about yours and your opponents playing style. Holdem Indicator also has a mini mode where it presents the odds, and winning chance when you play texas holdem online.

Holdem Indicator has one the most detailed tracker statistics available to an online poker calculator. It doesn’t matter if you’re an expert or just a starting off Holdem Indicator can benefit anyone’s game and has the potential to make a player a bit of profit!

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