how to be a better poker player

by matt hayes

If you are reading these lines you are surely taking your poker game seriously. You want to take your art to the next level. Here is how.

What are the qualities required to be a good poker player anyway?

* The successful player never tilts his chips away. He plays a calculated and controled style no matter the swings or bad beats that may happen.

* The good player understands poker theory and basic probabilities. He can calculate pot odds easily and always uses common sense and logic in his decisions.

* A winning player understands the swings involved with the game and has solid bankroll management skills. This ensures his long term success at the tables.

* The good player doesn’t involve his ego in his decisions. He knows how to place things in perspective and has nothing to prove so to speak.

The games have gotten much harder since the MoneyMaker boom unfortunately. The skills that are bulleted above are not enough to make it to the top these days, you need something else.

How to become a world class player in today’s games?

* The best of the best talk ranges. They know the range you’re representing, the equity of their hand and the most profitable line of play. They make smart decisions and narrow down your hand ranges based on inductive reasoning.

* An ability to not be affected by downswings and always play an optimal game no matter the run of cards. This is a tough one.

* A passion for the game and a real thirst for knowledge. These players constantly post hands in forums and discuss poker with their peers.

* Outstanding personal management skills. Always bring their A games, never tilt and never let short term results cloud their decision making skills.

So here you have it. We hope you will put this information to good use. We wish you all the best in your poker career.

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