how to play like a poker pro

by matt hayes

If you are reading these lines you are surely taking your poker game seriously. You want to take your art to the next level. Here is how.

What are the qualities required to be a good poker player anyway?

* The successful player never tilts his chips away. He plays a calculated and controled style no matter the swings or bad beats that may happen.

* The good player understands poker theory and basic probabilities. He can calculate pot odds easily and always uses common sense and logic in his decisions.

* A good player has a solid understanding of bankroll management. He has thirty times the buy-in for no limit cash games and much more for tournaments.

* The good player doesn’t involve his ego in his decisions. He knows how to place things in perspective and has nothing to prove so to speak.

Unfortunately, there has been real skill inflation in poker since the recent televised boom. I’m sorry to say that these skills will only take you so far if you want to become a professional poker player.

How to be an elite poker player ?

* Today’s elite players have a feel for the equity their hands hold against their opponent’s projected ranges. They can break down hand ranges based on numerous factors.

* The good player always brings his A game. He rarely deviates from optimal play because he never tilts and is unaffected by short term results.

* All the top players share the desire to become the best. They are driven by results and have a very competitive nature. They never stop to learn.

* A discipline like no other is often what is required to make it to the top. If you have an edge and the discipline to not go on tilt you will be successful.

So here you have it. We hope you will put this information to good use. We wish you all the best in your poker career.

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