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Roulette is one of the most common and classiest casino table games of all. It is loved by many, and is considered as the most thrilling of all. Before a person decides to play in an actual casino, where real money is involved, it is always advised to play online roulette and gain some experience about the game.
The game is played with a wheel consisting of 37 (in European form), or 38 (in American form), numbers and a ball that is spun on the wheel. The idea is, basically, to pick a number between 0 and 36, make a bet and then let the croupier spin the wheel. The number that is picked by the player denotes his guess of the space the ball is likely to fall in. The ‘0’ on the wheel provides a house advantage to the casino in many bets. In the US, the advantage of a single ‘0’ was not sufficient and, hence, another number ‘00’ was added to the wheel, increasing the house advantage even more. Therefore, roulette in the US has 38 numbers on the wheel.
Roulette has a long history. It was first played in France in the 17th century. It has come a long way since then, and is widespread in many countries of the world, including the US and all of Europe. It has become so common that people who love the game, but for some reason cannot go to an actual casino, can now play online roulette. There numerous websites to play online roulette. To play online roulette, the player only requires a computer system, an internet connection and some good mathematical ability.
The concept is similar to an actual roulette. Unlike an actual game, to play online roulette, players compete with each other virtually through online software. They are not seated face-to-face, but rather can be hundreds of miles away. Furthermore, players are provided with a starting monetary bonus. This bonus can be used to buy chips for placing the bet. The bet is then placed, based on the pocket the player believes the spinning ball will fall in. Like an actual game, a player can place inside or outside bets, and bets on even chances, dozens or columns. Once every player places his bet, the virtual croupier spins the wheel and the players wait to see the result of their first bet. Once that round is completed, players can place new bets to continue the game.
It is always recommended to play online roulette for people who are new to the game. It gives them an opportunity to understand the game, develop strategies for bets and see how other players respond.

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