Poker Calculator – Why Do I Need An Odds Calculator?

by Jeff Garret

Using a poker odds calculator is a great way to pull in some juicy pots. When using poker calculator you will know all of your hand odds instantly! This is one of the single most important factors in becoming a profitable player.

I’ve been playing poker online now for 4 years. I’m not a bad player but, was horrible when it comes to figuring out calculations needed to succeed. I love playing online and I wanted to make a good reputation for myself, so I started searching for things that may be able to help me.

A few years ago I had a really bad beat at a high limit online table. I was ready to give up playing all together until a friend of mine showed me this new poker odds calculator software he just bought. I was instantly hooked!

The most basic poker odds calculators compute your hand, win, pot odds, and other basic calculations. Some of them can even make recommendations on how to play your hand. The most advanced poker calculator can even track your opponents and learn their playing style!

I instantly started improving my poker game and started to build my bankroll. As I got more comfortable I moved up in steaks until I reached no-limit. When I used the poker odds calculator correctly I won thousands of dollars and placed in the top 5 in many tournaments.

Poker odds calculator are such a powerful tool that some people think it is iligal. Let me clear this up now. They are legal! Many poker sites encourage the use of a poker odds calculator.

Many poker calculators have free trial offers so you can see how powerful they can be before spending a cent on it. Once the trial period is up there is no obligation to buy.

Believe me, once you use poker software calculators you will never want to play without one again!

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