Do I Lose Faster Gambling On Line?

by Steve Briggs

Do you lose faster when gambling on line than when gambling at real world casinos? The answer to that question is of course relevant to what kind of luck you’re having so the better question would be do you get more wagers made in the same time period when playing online?

The answer is yes in terms of actual wagers made in the time spent but in respect to the odds of winning they are the same or close to the same game odds as are found in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. So if you feel you are losing faster when playing on line it is only because you are playing more games per hour than would play in a real life situation.

The online version is simply a faster version of the game and therefore if it takes you 2 hours to go to a land based casino and lose $100 playing slots then it stands to reason that its going to take about half that time on line if you really play at a steady rate because there’s no coins to drop, not even bills to be inserted, once you’ve made that deposit the money is there and every game is basically loaded for bear. It should also be noted that land based slot games take much longer to pay out winnings than their online counterparts. Even with the new electronic tickets the slot machine provides in place of actual cash or casino chips, the land versions are much slower since they must print out the ticket where as the online slot machine will have no need for such measures.

In other words there is no printing to be done with an online casino unless you the player choose to do so for your own records. Everything from the casino’s point of view is automatically done in electronic form, from the banking to the loyalty reward points program.

The money in your online casino account is always ready to be gambled unless it has been put into the withdrawal process which is the only time the player’s money is not readily accessible to gamble. Even though land casinos have tried to speed up their service to compete with online convenience there is just no way they can compete. Dealers using automatic shufflers to speed up blackjack for instance still have to manually pay and take bets and wait for each player to place their next bet much of which is done automatically in the online version of the game.

Now if you’ve any kind of trouble trusting electronic versions of blackjack, roulette, or baccarat, there are live versions available which you can watch the deal of the real cards, the spin of the real roulette wheel, along with your live person dealer for the outcome of the game. These versions of online gambling will likely have the same rate of wagers per hour as do their real life counterparts so in these cases the answer would be no you do not lose faster when gambling on line.

However the answer to whether you lose faster when gambling on line remains relevant to how many wagers per gambling session the player is getting in and not that there is some kind of sinister plot behind all online casino games. If you play at a reputable online casino which is powered by a publicly traded software such as Microgaming then you will always be assured of fair-odds games the same as if you were in Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

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