Flash Casino Common Misconceptions

by Steve Briggs

Flash casinos have a long history (by internet standards) of being just a little off the beaten path. Perhaps mysterious is a better word? Some might even say there lies a hint of danger in the idea of the flash casino.

Why is it these casinos do not need downloading onto your PC when all the others do? Is it witchcraft? Magic? No, nothing quite so fantastic. In fact flash casinos are seldom fantastic in any areas except not having to download them but they continue to upgrade and perhaps some day they will be.

Flash games don’t even live up to their namesake. While they do use flash-based technology, they are not extremely fast. They are actually slower than the download version in respect to returning game results and also when a player changes from one game to another. Also lost are about half the games (in some cases). A good example would be All Slots casino which provides over three-hundred-fifty games in their download version yet less than half of that in their flash games.

While all the games provided by Microgaming software, the industry’s leader, are of quality graphics there is no getting around the fact that the flash casinos, not the games, are much less in appearance than the download versions. They are generic in every way, basically just a banner logo of the casino above the game. Which is fine since they serve their purpose. But what is that exact purpose? Or better asked, what is the best purpose for the flash casino?

If the above is all true and flash casinos aren’t faster, aren’t bigger (number of games) and don’t have better graphics then what is the attraction? If your answer is that they don’t need to be downloaded then that would be correct but lets examine for what purpose should this alternative be used?

All computers in current times have far and away enough hard disc space to accommodate multiple online casinos so there’s no true logic in choosing the flash casino over a downloaded one for sake of space on your PC. Flash casinos which accompany a downloadable version such as those which are powered by Microgaming software, the industry leader, are used to their best advantage in exactly the same manner as was just discussed. Download and flash are both used. The downloadable version gets the vast majority of the use since it will be on your PC and ready to provide the larger number of games and better ambiance. When away from your PC and wishing to gamble there is nothing like having the option to visit that casino’s website and enter the flash casino. Remember to keep your login and password handy as you will need them to get into the flash casino.

Some people that are superstitious believe they are luckier in the flash casino than they are in the download version. The casino owners understand we all have our quirks about gambling and they are more than happy to accommodate those that prefer to play in the flash games. There is no rule that the player must play from the download version just because they have it on their PC but it does assure the player will get all the bonus promotions that are given to players who use the download version. It is a known fact that many online casinos do not make known their promotions to those using the flash version because they think the flash casino players are not there for the long run.

Choosing to have both the download version on your PC and then playing at the flash casino gives the player the best of both worlds.

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