Winning slot machine tips

by Steve Briggs

Winning slot machine tips are provided here but please keep in mind there is no magic bullet and anybody who claims such things exist is completely disillusioned.

The first tip is that it is important to understand that slot machines are designed to pay back much larger sums of money that what is wagered but in much less frequent intervals than what the blackjack or baccarat player is accustomed, where they have as much as almost a fifty percent chance of winning (in the case of baccarat). Of course the table game players don’t have the opportunity of hitting a payout literally hundreds of times larger than their wager either, which is the basis of attraction of slot gambling. Another winning slot tip that applies to both slot games online and real world casinos is that they both usually award a bonus for making a maximum wager as opposed to betting only one or two coins (depending on the game as some only take two coins) which will pay considerably less than if you multiplied that single coin wager’s top payout by the number of maximum coins possible. If it is a three coin machine then the second coin will also usually prove to be paying only double what the single coin wager would have paid.

The best slot tip for online games is to use the fact that online slot allow you to change credit values without leaving your current machine which if you’re seeking to increase the credit values then that machine is obviously on a hot streak. How often do you find yourself wishing you could increase the credit values at a land based casino when the slot game is paying off?

All the time is this writer’s answer. Which is why this particular angle of online gambling stood out to me so much, I finally found a gaming venue that didn’t force me to leave a machine when I was starting to hit some wins if I wanted to bet one dollar credits instead of quarter credits. In fact I jump from quarter dollar value credits to as much as five dollars per credit value all the time when playing on line. So the winning slot machine tips for today are to find a machine that will allow you to both play for extended periods of time without going broke but also have the flexibility to allow you to increase your credit values to higher stakes. Always bet the maximum wager when a bonus is awarded for doing so, and if you want to decrease the amount you are betting then adjust the credit values not the amount of coins wagered.

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