You Can Win Against the Casinos

by Greg Jensen

Whether you know it or not, it is possible to win in the casinos. Last week, I heard a friend bragging about his new system, one that was helping to to win repeatedly, no matter what the game or what time he played.

I tried it myself because it sounded strange and I couldn’t believe him. Initially wanting to prove him wrong, I settled on playing, let myself lose a little cash and then show him that his luck could run out.

Choosing a random casino and a game I was fairly familiar with, I started following his system steps. I was thrilled to lose a few bucks a first, and as I was about to call him, I saw my wages start to go up and up.

I was able to amass double my initial $100 in just a few hours. I still have a hard time believing something so simple is effective.

It’s only a game of calculating the odds for a certain number get picked at the roulette game for example. When you play for a while, you get to a point when all the number on the table got chosen at least once.

You should wite them down on a piece of paper, in the same order as they appear.The less the numbers got picked the first time the circle went around, the more likely they are to get picked when the circle goes around a second time.

The first thing my friend advised me was to keep my bids low until I’m sure of a couple numbers that have very big chances of being winners. So I did all he said, and when 7, 15, 23 and 6 were about absent on my scrapbook, I started bidding only on them, alternately and increasing the amount of my bids.

To my surprise, such a simple strategy really worked and I had to admit to my friend that he was right when he told me ‘Even you can beat the casinos, even if you almost never play’.

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