Fire Ants: Symptoms and Treatments for Ant Bites

All of us must have been bitten by ants at some point in time. The severity of an ant bite depends on the type and if you’ve had insect bites from an ordinary ant, then there is little to worry about. Apart from a small welt and little irritation, there’s no other threat to humans that the everyday ant conflicts; some ants also wear down property which could sometimes be more painful than a bug bite. If the bites are from a species of dangerous ant however, then they can cause some troublesome damage to humans.

The worst type of ant bites are from the fire ant. Fire ants are well known and very harmful because the area where they bite begins to pain and burn copiously. They are very invasive and attack without delay if their nest is ever disrupted. You can get fire ant bites even if you merely move around their nests as they are very sensible to movement. Children often get bitten by fire ants when they are outdoors because they are unaware of the nest’s sensitivity. Apart from posing health threats to humans and animals, they also devastate farms, electrical systems and land. Many people are allergic to ant bites and are subjected to a series of symptoms:

Symptoms of fire ant bites: People should be very wary if bitten by fire ants and treat them immediately. Some of the symptoms of an allergic reaction to fire ant stings are shortness of breath, sweating, paleness in skin color, anaphylactic shocks and swelling.

Treatment: If you see serious symptoms due to fire ant bites then medical attention is quite important. To clear away fire ant bites at home, you can pour ammonia over the site of the bite. Allow it to sit there for some time and then wash it away with cold water. This eliminates the pain and the itching caused by the sting of fire ants. Stings from fire ants are also prone to infections; therefore they should be treated suitable away. You need to wash out the site with water and antibacterial soap. Applying betadine is also helpful to disinfect the site. Do not scratch, squeeze or pop the pustule that forms following an ant bite. This may enlarge the chances of scarring and push the infection deeper into the skin.

A victim who experiences allergic reactions to fire ant bites should immediately sit down with the doctor and take medical treatment. These allergic reactions if not treated in a timely manner, may cause major health risks or it can even lead to death. Fire ant stings can be extremely deadly to diabetics.

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