Cigisped: Shipment of a motor yacht from Florida to Europe

How to buy a yacht in the United States of America and then transport it to our country thanks to the shipment of a motor yacht from Florida to Europe

United States has always embodied the symbol of a distant land, impossible to reach … from a utopian place where work and entertainment certainly do not lack. We would never have thought that one day we would have come to handle large boats and transport them from the US to our country. Yet today, all this is a reality. Ship transport has always accompanied the very evolution of our economic system.

In fact, more than 80% of the goods are transported by sea. This operation has been, and remains, fundamental to trade. However, given that today transfers, for work or for pleasure, are very simplified and made accessible to everyone, in all respects, these movements also affect the individual. The result is that motor boats and yachts are increasingly being bought by companies and individuals.

You can wonder at this point if it’s note more convenient, once you reach the United States, to buy a motor yacht or a yacht there, then transport it to Italy rather than rent them.
The rental, in fact, represents a quite costly way, and after the contact is over you are left with nothing. So, what to do? Simply: We buy a motor boat or a yacht in America and then transport them here, in our country. Obviously, to do this we can not rely on DIY: there are companies that carry this service with competence and professionalism, from and to Italy, by providing a shipment of a motor boat from Florida to Europe at a rule.


Buy a boat in the United States and import it to Italy: here are the benefits 

Ships a motor boat from Florida to Europe is a great opportunity to save and have in Italy a boat that is perhaps unreachable, overcrowded Which boasts excellent performance. Obviously, it is undeniable, this operation must take into account a number of difficulties to cope: distance to travel – not least to tell the truth – documentation and bureaucracy, payment and guarantees, protection of equipment and the need to preserve structures on the boat from possible damage, etc .. Well, all these difficulties can be easily overcome if you rely on specialized companies and EVEN expert in shipping a motor boat from Florida to Europe.

In this case, distance is no longer a problem … and there will be no problem with the rest.. It will be the team that takes charge of the boat to handle everything, fulfilling all the required bureaucratic requirements, following the deadlines and deadlines for submitting the documentation required also for all aspects related to customs clearance.


Shipment of a motor boat from Florida to Europe: logistics

The shipment of a motor boat from Florida to Europe today makes it not only easier but also safer. This handling operation is in fact carried out by the most competent and professional companies, with extreme expertise and with the help of technological supports able to monitor the boat for the whole trip, no stop excluded, therefore, from the port Boarding to its destination. Shippers on a motor boat from Florida to Europe generally have all the necessary licenses.

They must also enjoy extensive experience, which is necessary to transport the shipment safely and quickly, even in small crew cases. Only the presence of specialized personnel is able to ensure the success of a motorboat’s shipment from Florida to Europe.

In the light of all this, it is well understood how important it is to rely on a ship-carrying company carrying all the features mentioned above. Only in this way can we be certain that any circumstance can come up with a shipment of a motorized boat from Florida to Europe, whether anticipated or unforeseen, whether it will be properly addressed.


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