Using The Wooden Canoe Plans

During the time of the American Indians, the means of transportation that they used were none other than the old canoes. These vessels have been used for numerous purposes like traveling, hunting, and even in war against enemy tribes and foreigners. Nowadays, it is very common to see people creating these boats as a hobby because stores have been selling wooden canoe plans which allow even ordinary people to make it.

Having this is very important because it illustrates what the finished product will look like. It is actually the whole blue print of the canoe. Without it, then one would have to build a boat like this out of scratch which would be very difficult.

The standard blueprint for canoes would consist of at least five things. These would be the life size drawing of the hull, the plan for the mold station, the plan for the stem mold, the manual, and the design booklet. This is the complete set of instructions for the builder so that he can start working right away.

The first diagram to take a look at when starting the boat construction would be the hull diagram. This part is considered to be the core of the canoe because it is the base. This is the part that the rider will sit on when he is rowing his watercraft down the rivers as he paddles back and forth.

For the parts that connect the hull, there are only two namely the station and the stem. The blue print of former shows pictures and diagrams of what a mold station looks like and how it is going to be built into the boat. This part is basically the ribs of the canoe because it holds the sides together so that the entire wooden contraption can hold still.

Along with the other parts would be the stem mold. Now for those who do not know, the stem is the edge at the very front of the hull that is connected all the way to the back. So if the station supports the hull from left to right, the stem supports it from front to back. The plan will show the builder how it is supposed to look like and how it is to be placed.

No kit would be complete without an instruction manual. The technical manual will provide the user with the exact process on what should be done and how it should be done in order to complete the construction. The good part about the guide is that it is very elementary and it clearly shows each step. This means that it is so easy to understand anyone will be able to grasp it.

For the purpose of marketing and advertising, a small booklet is also placed in the kit along with the plans. This is basically a book that shows other products of the store as well as some of the different canoe designs that customers might want. So with this, one is now ready to build his boat. Just do not forget to study all of the wooden canoe plans carefully as one mistake could ruin everything.

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