Fighting the Fight for Airsoft Guns!

by Chris L. Martinelli

I can’t see a twelve-year-old child with an airsoft gun myself, however The Mother explained to her son Tom, “Your father might take responsibility for teaching you gun safety. Airsoft might be an activity that you and your father could do together.” She added, “It will be great if you and your father can go out the range and pay airsoft paintballs and you can learn abouty gun safety.”

What are those colored paint spots on our garage door? Could they be airsoft paint ball splatters for some neighbor hood child shooting at our house? I quickly learned that the airsoft 6mm paintballs are water soluable and they wash off with the hose and water.

What kind of an airsoft Gun should you start off your child with? The spring airsoft pistol – price ranges from $3.00 to $25.00, and an automatic rifle like the M83 priced from $40.00 to $100. You can also get the pump shotgun which is spring powered priced from $15 – $35.00. The young person needs to learn good air-soft gun etiquette and safe shooting skill.

A young adult, teenager or some 10 year olds are perfectly capable of using the air-soft guns safely when started off under adult supervision. There has never been an accidental shooting by a properly trained person. Accidents don’t happen they are caused by ignorance and lack of knowledge.

The whole family can enjoy an airgun shooting event. You need to wear extra clothes because the 6 MM airsoft BB ammo can hurt when you shoot or get shot by airsoft guns and rifles. When the rifles shoot at 300 F. P. S. then the impack of the airsoft BB’s can almost break the skin. Having a full paintball face mask is a better idea than using shooting glasses.

Some other parents are complaining about the airsoft little balls that are piling up in the living room carpet. There are airsoft targets that collect all those BB’s for another use. The Airsoft BB targets-traps catches and collects the ammo for re-use and re-shooting.

What about safety of the face and eyes? How do you protect the eyes from those airsoft guns that shoot over 300 feet per second? I saw a full face mask that looked good to protect my son face. Even the ears needs protection from being shot from the .20 BB’s being shot from a gun that shoots 330 fps.

While airsoft guns can be fun to play with, they should be treated with care. Understanding gun safety is a good practice, and teaching your children how to use and handle a gun can make a difference. Remember to talk about safety when fighting the fight for airsoft guns.

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