Some Basic Beginners Ghost Hunting Tips To Follow

When it comes to finding ghosts, it is impossible to give out any hard and fast rules. The phenomenon of ghostly activity has, as yet, few binding scientific rules as to how to investigate supernatural occurrences. If you are considering going out investigating though, there are some basic ghost hunting tips it is wise to follow.

The most important thing to remember is not your spiritual or paranormal safety, but your safety in the actual world. While we can not yet say with confidence what various kinds of paranormal activity actually are, we do know that there are people in the world who might be out to hurt. As hunting for phenomena tends to take place at night, always makes sure you go out in a pair or small group.

As investigators into this kind of phenomenon tend to be out and about at night, it pays to carry a torch. This might seem obvious, but it is surprising how many people forget this basic piece of equipment. It is also worth remembering to take spare batteries, and possibly a spare torch as well.

You will also need something with which to record any observations you make, and it is not wise to rely on technology. Instead, take a pocket sized notebook and three or four pencils. Pencils do not run out of ink and can be sharpened. Spares of anything are always handy to have around as items get dropped and misplaced.

Of course, some kind of technological devices are necessary to record any images or sounds which you may see during your trip. While mobile phones can offer some good facilities in this regard, it is wise to use them as back-up. Take the best cameras and sound recording equipment available to you which you can carry easily, as the reproduction of good quality data will add much credibility to your research.

Always go out on expeditions with people that you trust, and ideally with people who have done this kind of thing before. Blundering around in the dark with inexperienced people is unlikely to bring many results. Nor is it likely to be that much fun. Where possible, find a club or society in your local area which does this kind of thing, and join.

As you tend to be out and about in the dark, conditions can be cold and the ground can be uneven. Clothing is therefore very important. Wear sensible, warm clothes which will also keep you dry in case of west weather, and shoes such as trainers which have grip and can provide some stability on the ground in the dark.

With these basic ghost hunting tips you should be able to make a positive start to you career as an investigator. If you want to take it further, think about joining a local paranormal society or club. This will help you to make the activity fun, which is what anything like this is really all about.

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