Google Page Rank Is Lifeless – Part III

Could it be actually lifeless?

In an online discussion board post from WebProWorld (A dialogue on Google), individuals from all over are speculating about what exactly is happening. In truth, one member was fast to point out that the last large shift Google experienced, we observed the PR system go down too. This begs the question?

Are we on the verge of the Big PR shift? or,
Are we seeing a Google advertising scheme just to shake men and women up?

In many techniques, Google wants to be improved on their “broken down PR system”. You will find so many locations whenever they payed attention to forums and blogs all about the world, they’d have greater than enough responses about their PR method to repair this growing PR problem.

Page ranking is a possibly a fantastic process. It can be an incredible process if it straight ranks websites properly by content, relevance, instead of basically from the number of links pointing to a person web-site.

Nowadays, you see a web page with 15 “medium relevant” back links pointing to it though its front web page retains a PR of 7-8 from 10. How can you justify that?

What will it mean if Google’s PR systems stays down?

I think it will mean a huge shift to on the web marketing and advertising. A lot of rookies out there that are scarcely authorized in terms of Search engine marketing have an opportunity to measure anything they are doing. In turn, the newcomers could even sound specialist to their clients. Take absent these tools and you will be left with true advertising gurus which have stood the test of time and may provide outcomes for by themselves and their clients.

The net is vastly growing right into a pool of experienced fakes and scammers. This is actually providing the internet promoting community a poor name. Without the need of the Google PR, lots of men and women won’t be able to prove their results nor will they’ve that “fake respect” that you just get from possessing a web page with PR 7/10.

How about MSN & Yahoo?

In expanding efforts to keep up with MSN & Yahoo’s strong and expanding advertising and marketing campaign, Google might be feeling left out nowadays. A lot of persons suppose that their PR process is just a gimmick; a gimmick that attracts lots of interest. By disabeling this method, you create mass fear and confusion. Bad publicity is still publicity neverless?

So, is Google trying to create a buzz?

This could be possible and it could be possible that anything might be back to normal in a couple of times. We won’t know until time catches up with us.

Until then, choose this “dark saga” moment and uncover other approaches to build your business on the internet. Don’t worry about what Google is doing, worry about what you might be doing to improve your online marketing campaign.

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