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by JD

Whether you are into sports or not, Michael Phelps cannot be a stranger to you. This swimming Olympics gold medal winner has created such a buzz around the globe that you cannot help knowing him. One of the ways to measure popularity online is poster search. People are searching for Michael Phelps and Phelps’ poster. All the college students, High school kids and sports lovers all around the world are getting their hands on Phelps’ posters. He has not become popular alone. People are looking for all time swimming Olympic gold medal winners, even though Phelps is on top of the list.

People are more interested to get into the pool in summer. This year in the winter the pools might be as busy as summer, if not busier. The Baltimore resident, 21 year old Michael Phelps is the reason behind all this craziness. In the Olympic games of ’72 Mark Spitz, another American swimmer won seven gold medals and set a record. Michael Phelps this year has broken the record.

Michael Phelps said he wants to learn from the other Michael. Yes, the one and only Michael Jordan. He wants to be the Michael Jordan of swimming. Michael (Phelps) wants to increase the popularity of swimming the way Jordan has done it for basketball. He is well on his way. The buzz he created through his Olympic performance, he wants to turn it into everlasting interest. The million dollar endorsement money he received from Speedo swimwear, he will donate a part of that to an organization that works to increase the popularity of swimming. This generous and honest love for the game is making him more popular. Phelps poster is taking place in more houses every day.

Over a thousand different Phelps posters are selling on the internet everyday. This is the way people try to keep the golden moments alive. There are posters of Michael with his medal, in the pool and also some with his autographs. All the guys are his fan because he is such a great athlete, a real champion. That is all great for the female fans, but they are also going for the good look of this young athlete. The point everyone agrees is that he made America proud and that’s why we all love him.

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