How do You Buy Tickets for the 2010 Olympic Games?

by Amy Nutt

Tickets for the 2010 Winter Olympics are already being sought, which means some events may be sold out before some individuals even think about buying tickets. That is why you need to know what you need to do in order to get tickets for the 2010 Olympics before your favorite event sells out. However, there is a process to buying your tickets. It is not just a matter of being able to go online, shop, and then hit a “buy” button. The process is carried out carefully to ensure that everyone is admitted fairly to the event.

Buying the tickets

First of all, the Winter Olympics will be held in Vancouver. It has been announced that the tickets requests will start being accepted on October 3, 2008. There are phases to the ticket buying process that you need to be aware of. Now keep in mind that on October 3, it is simply a request for tickets and not an actual opportunity to buy. It has also been stated by Olympic officials that there may be instances in which a lottery must be held to determine who can buy tickets to certain events and who can’t. This is how the Olympic Committee ensures that the ticket allocation is fair.

Here are the phases:

– On October 3rd, Canadian residents will be able to submit a form through the website Those unable to submit online will be able to request a ticket request form via the telephone. The form will then be mailed to them. Non-Canadian residents will be able to contact the National Olympic Committee in their country to purchase their tickets. For those events that have more requests than seats available, the lotteries will be held if they are needed. Before early 2009, all parties will be notified whether or not their ticket requests were granted. Individuals will also be able to add-on unsold tickets to their ticket package.

– In early 2009, the remaining unsold tickets will be allowed to be sold to the public. Canadian residents who missed phase one will be able to buy these unsold tickets.

– In phase three, the seating assignment phase will be completed. If there are any tickets still unsold, the winter olympics tickets will be sold directly to individuals requesting them. These individuals will then fill the remaining empty seats for that particular sporting event.

For specific ticket information, it is important that you contact your National Olympic Committee. That information can be obtained through a simple internet search, being that it depends on your residing country as to who you contact. Every country involved in the Olympics has a National Olympic Committee on their soil.

Being patient

The idea behind purchasing tickets for the 2010 Olympics is to be patient. The process is carried out the way it is to ensure that everyone has a fair shot at tickets. If you’ve watched the opening ceremonies in the past, then you are aware of how many people attend. Each one of those individuals had to go through the request and purchase process. Unfortunately, there are some events that some individuals are unable to attend. However, the process was fair and they more than likely had the opportunity to attend another event within the Olympics.

So make sure you keep track of what is going on with ticket sales. Once October 3, 2008 rolls around, the process begins so make sure you stay vigilant so that you can attend the events that you wish to attend.

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