How Mental Exercise Can Boost Your Horse Riding Competitive Edge

Like all life’s endeavours, pony riding performance can be seriously inhibited by fear in the rider’s mind. Over my years of effort to enhance my horse riding talents, I have learned the hard way that unless you work out your consciousness with the same energy you manage to work out your body, you are not going to achieve everything you would like to.

The rider has a serious mental exercise menu to choose from: anchoring, induction of inventive state, mental rehearsal, using affirmations to eradicate limiting beliefs, perpetual positioning and reframing, simply to name a few. There is an exercise regimen available to just about every single rider. Most riders, though, follow their own mixture of strategies. Here are 10 confidence builders for riders.

1. Accept yourself

Realize that you’re good enough just how you are, speaking raw material wise, as there is definitely scope for improvement in the very best of riders. But the essential you have everything wanted to make a great pony rider. And incidentally, that goes for your horse, as well. He’s fine just as he is.

2. Rehearse in the mind

Around the globe, athletes use this method to condition themselves. They imagine themselves in action, and fine tune each step as they go thru the competitive process. They are able to achieve marked improvements in performance this way.

3.Use anchors

Anchors are triggers that create a desired mental condition. While riding, for instance, the simple act of touching your thumb to your forefinger while the reins are in your hand may be the anchor that boosts your confidence in the saddle.

4. Maintain a journal

You can gain a lot by maintaining a very regularly updated personal journal. Whenever you feel low, you can refer to your previous glory days to remember that you have it in you. Quite often, great achievements follow spells of depression.

5. Hypnosis

Never undervalue the potency of suggestion. It can work wonders with the sub-conscious. Suggestion is an absolutely essential tool for any person in any field of enterprise.

6. Be thankful

Show some appreciation for all that you have in life, for your past achievements and for all the great things that your life has in it. Be thankful for the positives, however big or small they are.

7. Set goals

When you set goals, you are giving yourself something to aim for. You’ve got something real to work for, something that will tell you at any time whether or not you are going the correct way or the wrong one. Don’t be scared to shoot for the stars. You may land on the moon, and that’s something not everybody can boast of.

8. Reframing

By reframing, you decide on what significance an event has for you and how you’ll react to it on the emotional front. After each competitive event, you can instantly focus on everything that went well, while leaving the mistakes for later analysis. This is an about turn from our standard tendency to focus on our screw ups, while ignoring the inspiring fact that we probably did far more things right than we probably did wrong. It is an attitude that blinds us up on our own capabilities.

9. Throw off limiting beliefs

Every human has some awfully rigid ideas of himself or herself. We prefer to think we all know ourselves, our capabilities, our weaknesses. As riders, we have set ideas about riding, horses, trainers, farriers, vets, diets, events, in short , everything connected with riding. We are so set in our ways of thinking we often ignore contrasting reality by hiding our heads in the sand. When things go screwy, we look for scapegoats: our horses, our gear, the arenas, the weather. We fail to aim the finger at the most important culprit: we ourselves.

10. Identify your own unique style

Your capability to learn and keep, to gain mastery over new abilities is directly proportional to your mind’s fitness. The efficiency with which you pursue your goals on both the physical and mental fronts is very much reliant on the quality of your intellects condition.

Get going with your mental conditioning program today. Getting mentally fit is approached the same as getting physically fit. You work on your mind muscles each day, methodically and with energy. Know yourself, and develop your strengths.

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