How to maintain a Golf Simulator

Once you decide on purchasing a golf simulator, you definitely survey the options for the type of golf simulator you want to purchase in terms of money and your requirement. Once you have ventured and made the investment in a golf simulator for your home or business, the next obvious step that you need to gain knowledge of maintaining it properly. The golf simulator should look and perform like any new set. Take care to follow the instructions the manufacturer as they can provide the best suggestions for their systems maintenance. At all times, adhere to the guidelines per their instructions. Even though the golf simulators are similar but each one of the simulator in the market is distinct with some noteworthy variation in the care of the units.

Make sure that the players use clean clubs. In fact, it should standard rule to abide by the golfers at all time. Computers and sensors are very dust and dirt sensitive and can end damaging the system more so in a commercial setting. Always wipe the clubs with a wet rag at least once every month to control grime. Instruct all your players to wipe their clubs every time they play for get rid of dust and grime. A clean club can still have some dirt in its groves, which if not cleaned, in a few strokes would wind up on your simulator.

Similarly, you need to take care that the balls used are clean or better still new ones. Always examine your balls before the game. An old and dirty ball with marks can leave spots on the screen and cause burns damaging it. In addition, you should continue to check the balls as in due course they can crack or also break, even as they are being used on a simulator.

Golf simulators use some or the other variety of sensor technology for tracking and analyzing the statistics, to make sure high quality results and sensors need to be kept dirt free. Again, different manufacturers provide different ways to properly clean and maintain the sensors. The basic idea is to keep them free of dust and grime. Many times small and minute bits of the turf come off and with time, these pieces obstruct or disrupt the sensor. In a camera-based system, nothing should obstruct the view of the camera’s path. A camera-based simulator can misread even by a smallest obstruction. To make sure that all your sensors remain very spic and span is to vacuum clean it as often as possible.

Burns due to friction will eventually take place on most simulators. When the golf ball hits the screen, it leaves behind a small mark. You can curtail these ball marks if you make sure to keep your screen clean. Follow your manufacturer’s tips for cleaning and maintaining the screen. A lot of the screens you can be just wiped with a damp cloth but there are some screens which could be damaged by using water. You can lengthen the life and consistency of your simulator by following these easy guidelines.

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