How To Plan A Canoe Harpeth River Trip

A way to enjoy the great outdoors can also be done other than just hiking, camping or biking. In fact a road that is considered less traveled, although popular with early Native Americans and colonial explorers, is to go on a wilderness trek using canoes and kayaks. If you have a mind to try this out, why not have a go at planning a canoe Harpeth River Trip.

Preparing a checklist is definitely something that you should be thinking of doing at the beginning, with one exception. Do not just put things that you need to pack or bring with you on this list, but include certain actions as well that you will need to do. In this way you can make sure that all of your bases are covered and you can enjoy the trip that much more. A good checklist is like a good assistant.

The first thing on your checklist is to choose where you want to go. In this case you have chosen Harpeth River in Tennessee. This waterway is one of the major tributaries for the Cumberland River and together with the Ohio river, forms the Mississippi River watershed. Once you have chosen your river basically, then you must study it well.

Knowing where the whitewater areas and rapids are is a good piece of information to have. The main whitewater systems are located in the Little Harpeth River, a tributary to the main one. It is suggested that you stay away from this area until you have become more seasoned as a canoe rower or paddler as the case may be.

The main section itself is calm and should give you smooth paddling, but it does meander a lot. Meanders are basically the turns that the waterway makes as it gets older and more sediment deposits accumulate. It will pay to ask the local guide to indicate areas of strong currents and directions along the meanders so you can be better prepared.

Getting a guide will be a good next thing to do on your list. It is best to get a seasoned one so ask about experience and safety records so you know that you will be having a great but safe experience. You cannot ask too many questions about their background so fire away, whether you are asking by email or interviewing directly.

A fun part of the beginning of the trip is buying things and gearing up. Although this may cost a lot sometimes is due to the fact you may be buying unnecessary things. Look into forums and other such sources to see what you actually need for your trip, and do not worry as most things can already be bought online rather than you running around.

And most importantly do sit around with your mates and buds and list down what you want to do in the trip and if it is practical. Discuss how long you want to stay out also. As canoe trips and such are quite exhausting, it is suggested that you do not make such a trip too long.

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