How To Select A Tennis Racket

The following are 7 tips to help you choose a tennis racket:

Step 1: One should select a tennis racket based on his or her level of tennis. For example: a beginner player should go for racket which is light, has an oversized head and is head heavy. An intermediate player can consider getting a racket that is flexible and slightly heavier as compared to a beginner’s racket. Finally, an advanced player should go for a racket that offers more control, heavier in weight, a smaller head frame and a balanced head.

Step 2: Balance of the racket is important as well. Generally, lighter rackets tend to compensate through having a head heavy position. This may be good for volleys and the serve but the imbalance may make it more difficult to hold the racket for a long time. Try to go for a balanced racket.

Point 3: Better players are better off with smaller head rackets as it allows them to swing through and hit the ball sweetly. A larger racket face may hamper the swing of the racket, making the swing look clumsy. Weight of a racket should be dependent on your ability to hold and lift the racket. No point holding a racket which is too heavy, it will only frustrate your game.

Tip 4: A beginner may have to focus on control. Therefore, although, tight strings could be the answer, it may be better to have slightly looser tension as beginners do not have natural power. Therefore, they would require the assistance of the strings.

Step 5: Grip size is very important too in your choice of a racket. If you have small hands, you should use a smaller grip. If your hands are bigger, you should use a bigger grip or you can also wrap an over grip around your racket handle. Grips are important as it prevents your racket from slipping when you play as a result of perspiration.

Tip 6: If you are looking for more power, you can try a slightly longer racket for that added boost. But in general, most racket length are quite standard.

Step 7: Do not buy a racket just because the professional player is using it. Experiment with rackets and decide which suits you the best. There is no fix racket one should use. So relax, have fun and remember all the 7 steps to select a racket. Some may prefer a bright racket while others prefer something more conventional looking. Always choose a racket which suits you. Do not attempt the buy a racket just because the number one player in the world is using it. The rackets the Nadals, Federers are using are not suitable for recreational players. They tend to be heavier and stiffer.

Ultimately, always buy a racket which is suitable to your current playing ability. Consult your coach or someone more experience for advice. Enjoy your tennis and have some fun. Do not let your racket be a hindrance to your game.

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