Overlooking Important Protective Gear

Small and insignificant things are easy to overlook, although ultimately, these are the very same things that can be of great help to us. This is especially true with protective motocross gear, which some riders opt not to get or choose lesser alternatives since they can be quite an expense. However, as motocross is one sport that has more than your average number of knocks, bumps and scrapes, riders must be able to see how necessary they are and not see them as liabilities as nothing should matter more than their life and limbs.

An often overlooked protective gear is the goggles. Goggles help a rider clearly see where he is going and will prevent any flying debris from entering his eyes. Good quality goggles like Oakley goggles can be quite expensive so riders opt for a less expensive and more aesthetically pleasing alternative, the sunglasses. While a rider may look better and cooler wearing sunglasses, they are also easily prone to more serious problems should they get entangled in a wreck as sunglasses can break into a million pieces and half of those million pieces can easily get into your eyes. Goggles will protect you from flying mud, rocks, or any airborne particles that can damage your eyes. In addition, these are available in polarized lenses that enable you to see clearly even in gloomy weather conditions.

Handlebar grips are another type of protective gear that doesn’t merit much attention. Easy to install, they are also a small but significant item that you need to include in your arsenal of motocross protective gear as they will prevent your hands from slipping and losing control of your bike. These grips need to be chosen based not only on comfort, durability and practicality. Their selection will also depend on how the bike will be used, which may either be off-road or highway riding. For off-road ventures, it is best to get those soft foam or rubber grips by Odi, which lets riders retain their grips even when wet.

For riders who go on long road trips, on the other hand, soft leather grips with leather strips for a stronger grip are best. These types of grips allow the air to circulate and keep their hands from feeling numb, which commonly happens when a rider grips the handlebars for too long. Grips must be securely fit into the handlebars to keep them from slipping when in transit, so it is also important as well to replace any damaged or worn grips to prevent any serious injuries.

The best part about these grips, particularly those made by Odi grips, is that they come with either knob or tread grip patterns. Knob grip patterns are best for general riding conditions, while tread grip patterns are best during wet weather or when racing on muddy tracks. Riders will be able to get the most out of their grips if they test it out first by checking the grip patterns and seeing how they’ll keep your hands from slipping. Riding and testing a set of grips one at a time usually does a good job in helping you determine the best grips for you and your bike. Another thing that can do a good job of helping riders is Ogio bags, which were created specifically with motocross riders in mind. Sturdy, durable and dependable, these bags and backpacks make sure riders won’t ever have to forget anything essential and have a place to put them as well. Little things like grips, goggles, and gear bags may seem insignificant or unnecessary expenses, but if you can’t see where you’re going and lose your grip, it may mean paying a higher price, one that you pay either with your entire motocross career or your life.

Oakley goggles are just one of the many motocross protective gears that are mistakenly disregarded as far as safety and protection is concerned.

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