Performances Venues in Columbus That You Can’t Miss

If you happen to be looking for live entertainment and concert venues in the city of Columbus, you’ll for sure find a substantial number of high level performances theaters you can visit. With a growing performance enterteinment community, city of Columbus is a hot area for a great and unexpected live concert venue experience.

The Palace Theater

One of the absolute best and classiest concert halls in Columbus, the Palace Theater is decorated in opulent grand hanging candelabrums and sweeping staircases. From 1930s to 1950s, the Palace Theater in Columbus, designed to look like the Palace of Versailles, was the most visited concert venue in the city. It was purchased and revived in the later 1980s by the Columbus organization for the Performing humanities (CAPA) organization and returned to its original glory. Many well known performers appear at the Place, including Manhattan Transfer, David Sanborn, Les Ballet Africians and others.

Southern Theater

Also owned by CAPA, it was initially built in 1896 and included both a performance hall and a hotel. In 1998, CAPA re-opened the revived theater, which is regarded as amongst the jewels of Ohio performing humanities.

Today, it is home to the Columbus Jazz Orchestra, the ProMusica Chamber Orchestra and Chamber Music Columbus. In addition, well liked performances like Ladysmith Black Mombazo, Simply Sinatra and Jonathon Pryce in the play, and The Caretaker continually appear at the Southern Theater.

Lincoln Theater

Revived just recently, the Lincoln Theater has 3 floors that hum with daily activity, beginning from rehearsals, broadcasts, recordings and dance and musical performances. In addition, there is a dancehall that is available for marriages and other events. The Lincoln Theater is presently home to the Alfred Dove Dance Studio, the Jazz humanities Group, the Columbus Children’s Theater and plenty of others.

Ohio Theater

Serving as both a theater and concert hall in Columbus, the Ohio Theater is thought of as one of the most pretty theaters in Columbus. Decorated in a Baroque Spanish style, it has a 21-foot candelabrum and striking gilt gold and red decor.

The thater, in its earlier years, was used as a movie house, and its architect used to say that Ohio theater was a “palace for the commom or garden man”. The place was opened for the public in 1928.” It thrived as a film theater until the 1960s, when, like many grand theaters, it was planned for demolition in 1969. Local residents launched a campaign to save the Ohio Theater and were successful in turning it over to the newly-formed CAPA organization. In addition, it is home to The Broadway Series, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra and BalletMet.

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