How To Increase Your Vertical

In this article you’ll learn how to increase your vertical jump. This can be used for basketball, volleyball, track and field, and any other sports that requires a burst of explosive jumping power. Developing your vertical jump helps you to not only jump higher, but it can also give you the explosive power to sprint faster.

So how do you increase your vertical jump? The most effective way is to do leg workouts. But you have to train them correctly or you’ll get very little results.

One simple formula for developing your vertical jump is one that was developed by Jacob Hiller author of the Jump Manual. He explains it as strength + quickness = explosion. The idea is to train with heavy weights in your improvement zone which is 80% of your max potential and to do it with quick bursts of repetitions. This way you help to develop your fast twitch muscles. These fast twitch muscles are what you need to develop that burst of power to jump higher.

Here’s a simple workout that you can use to increase your vertical. But before doing this workout it’s important to remember to start off with light weights until you feel comfortable moving up. And always do a proper warm up before doing any heavy lifting.

The key to this workout is that you are going to be doing small amounts of repetition but with a heavy load of weights. You want to start off with weights that you can easily do comfortably then when you feel you can do more you can add more weights later on. Remember it’s not about doing a lot of repetitions. It’s about the intensity of the workout.

Anyways, here’s the simplest and the most effective leg workout that you can do if you want to know how to increase your vertical. I call it the power explosion squats.

Step 1: Choose either a squat rack, squat machine, or leg press machine. You’ll get more of a workout with the squat rack, but if you don’t want to strain your back then stick with the leg press machine.

Step 2: Load enough weights onto the rack so that you can do no more than 8 reps. Then smoothly and slowly lower the weights and EXPLODE back up to the starting position. This is crucial. You have to explode back up.

Step 3: Continue to do this for 3 – 5 sets. I like doing 3 sets but if you feel that you can do more, then you can do 5 sets max.

NOTE: It’s important that you do not lock your legs when performing this exercise. This will strain your knee joints. Also, rest at least 30 – 60 seconds between each reps.

The reason you want to explode up when doing this is because it’s going to help develop those fast twitch muscles. This will effectively train your muscles to explode up when jumping.

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