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The enormous tires, large front shock, and disc brakes are what make the Diamondback Overdrive Mountain Bike 29’er a tough bike. The comfort of this ride is amazing! This hard tail comes with 29-inch wheels and 24-speeds. It is built well enough for triathlon riding with its aluminum Overdrive hard tail frame. Nonetheless, shifting gears is not as effortless as one should expect with the 8-speed trigger shifters.

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Rocks and tough trails are nothing to the Diamondback Overdrive 29’er. It is reasonably priced, coming in at around $500. Does not come fully assembled, but it is easily completed. With a little tuning it will be ready to tackle the trails, parks, and streets.

Protection is the key to making safe journeys on a bike and with the Giro Aeon Bicycle Helmet, this is a no brainer. Just choose the correct size, make a few adjustments and this light weight helmet is the perfect fit. The vents make it comfortable in any weather. The quality of workmanship that went into making it is evident, and the removable padding and straps are easy to clean, just throw them in the washer.

The price of The Giro Aeon Road Bike Helmet is a bit more than some, but let’s face it, you get what you pay for. Since there is no way of telling what is around the next bend in the road it is worth paying a bit more for quality protection. Anyone living in heated climates that are notorious for high humidity will understand the importance of the ample venting of this light weight helmet. Some say it feels as if there is nothing on their head, and the sweat just evaporates away.

The Schwinn Prelude Bicycle is certainly for the serious commuter. It is rough and tough, but light weight as well. Speed is also a consideration when it is time to get to work or just around town. Although it may not be as impressive looking as some, it will hold up for years to come, and is reasonably priced.

The Schwinn Prelude Bicycle is well balanced with easy shifting, and the brake calipers do what they are supposed to by keeping the tires centered. This bike does have some drawbacks though. One that must be addressed is the brake position. Precious milliseconds are wasted getting to them which can mean trouble in a hurry. Some assembly is needed to get this bike on the road, and some have noticed the chain rubbing the frame. Although, at $250 it is a steal. After all, what other adult bicycle can you get for under two hundred dollars?

Yusuf Abdi helps with a Bicycling Review Site that educates consumers about the different benefits associated with various Bikes & Bike Accessories. For a quick sample preview watch this video about the Diamondback Overdrive 29’er Mountain Bike:

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