Football Boot Care

by Mathew ryan

There are different football codes around the world. Football codes such as: Soccer, Australian Rules Football (AFL), Irish Gaelic Football, Rugby League, Rugby Union and Gridiron (American Football). In all of these football codes all of the players feature something in common, their football boots (soccer boots or cleats)!

A Footballers boots are the most vital piece of his / her equipment. An instructional guide to looking after football boots is presented here.

Football Boot Care

After a game or a training session, you need to prepare your football boots for the next time you wear them. Taking care of your football boots improves their performance and increases their lifespan. So to do so please follow these important steps:

1. When you remove your football boots you should always undo the shoelaces properly first.

2. Always remove any soil stuck on the sole of your boots. Either by banging them together (sole to sole) or by using a brush. This is very important! Not just for appearance sake, but to prolong boot life as mud can draw moisture out of the leather and ruin them.

3. Wipe the exterior of the football boots with a damp rag, to clear off any excess soil, mud or turf.

4. Fill your football boots with old newpaper to dry the inside of your football boots and to make sure that your football boots maintain their shape. Then put them in a shady cool place to dry. Never heat dry your boots as they age quickly and crack (Dry rot).

5. If you have screw in studs, you should grease them once a 14 days avoid rust.

6. Polish your football boots with either waterproofing spray or boot polish. Never use oil or detergents!

I hope that this instructional guide on football boot care has educated you on how to care for your football boots to make sure that they stay in good condition. “Remember a footballer’s most important piece of equipment is his or her football boots”.

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