Living in Florida Golf Communities

by Chris Channing

For many retirees and people looking to start a permanent home, Golf Communities are a popular choice; especially in the sunny state of Florida. They offer seclusion, beauty, and a safe comfort that other communities cannot offer.

The Florida Golf Community at Frenchman’s creek is exclusive and truly a place for the wealthy. Located in southeastern Florida, Frenchman’s Creek is bright, warm, and full of sandy beaches and glittering waters. Frenchman’s Creek is located inside of Palm Beach Gardens, and only the absolute luckiest can reside there. Only a few select families are able to live in the costly estates. The golf community offers 5 star restaurants, a private beach for its residents, and immaculate golf courses. Even if you don’t like golf that much, Frenchman’s Creek will not disappoint.

The Lely Resort Golf and Country club is a community in the southwestern area of the sunny state of Florida. There are 36 holes, and over 3,000 acres of green landscaping. If you are interested in purchasing a home here, you will have to shell out $200,000 or more. This isn’t just a golf community however, it is also a spa and players club as well.

Lake Lotela Pincecrest Golf Community is a historic and truly enchanting area, with residents that include some prestigious professional golf players. The golf courses are thick and wide spread, with beautiful landscaping. Real estate is available directly on the lake, or in other areas of the community.

Located in Fort Myers, Florida is the stunning Renaissance. It is breathtaking, and nothing anyone would want to miss. Golf fans flock to this area to make it their lifetime home, and it has several features aside of being a golf community. There are swimming pools, 5 star dining, spas, fitness rooms, cardio machine areas, and much more available to members.

To the west lays the Grand Landings area golf community. Grand Landing is a wooded and secluded area, with plenty of space for golf courses. If you fall in love at first site, you can move in as soon as possible, but if you are not ready, you can stay for two days at the reasonable price of $150. Your stay includes access to the golf greens, spa, and a tour of the real estate available.

Closing Comments

Golf Communities are a popular place for families, and retirees. They are pricey, but have so much to offer those that are interested. Florida communities are amongst the best and most sought out in the country, because of the year-round warm weather, and perpetual sunny skies.

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