Play All Day and Night! Golf and Family Vacations In Las Vegas

by Charles Davis

Most men plan golf into their daily lives and business trips. Itas a way of life, a way to relax, and something to look forward to in the daily script of life. However, when writing a script for a family vacation, golf is usually killed shortly after the opening credits. That is, for any family vacation that isnat in Las Vegas!

Put together a location that offers world-class entertainment, luxury hotels for moderate prices, activities for all ages, some of the best food available anywhere and golf courses and you have a vacation for the whole family. It is the best of all worlds. Satisfy the children, satisfy your spouse, and satisfy yourself. What could make for a better holiday?

Las Vegas has been building some of the finest golf courses in America in recent years. There are over 60 different ones to choose from within an easy driving distance of the Strip. The courses are green and lush oasis points dotting the Nevada desert. Golf has given the landscape a whole new look.

Golf is just part of a complete package. The offering of year round entertainment has made Las Vegas one of the best vacation spots in the world. It offers family and friends something for everyone. In Las Vegas there is some form of entertainment available around the clock for visitors of all ages. Water parks, amusement rides, carnival games, and live entertainment offer children and adults alike a wide variety of activities.

The hotels in Vegas are as luxurious as ever, offering families resort class pools, and numerous water features. While dad is out golfing, the rest of the family can bask in the sun poolside, and observe the water features, fountains, and slides that are part of the hotelas pool entertainment.

After a day on the course, play all night. Las Vegas offers a variety of dining experiences. See first class live entertainment with a wide variety of well-known celebrities. There are shows appropriate for the younger family members. Casinos provide all gaming options in artfully thematic surroundings. Shopping malls located within the casinos give visitors a large selection of merchandise from around the world.

Las Vegas is the playground of the rich and famous as well as the American family. World famous golfers like Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus designed many of the courses. Visitors can play where famous golfers like Tiger Woods have played. Golfers get a rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of celebrities while they relax and enjoy a game of golf. Sports figures, movie stars, and even leaders of state from around the world have been seen on the courses in Las Vegas.

Are you ready to plan your next family vacation in Vegas? You can plan golf for dad, poolside basking for mom and a lot of fun for the kids through most of the major hotels on the strip. Convenient and hospitable, these hotels offer packages well in advance or even have some lingering specials for the last minute traveler.

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