The golf clothing market is among the most competitive markets

The golf clothing market is among the most competitive markets within sport today with renowned worldwide fashion designers trying to muscle in on the ever growing number of new golfers. Reports believe that an amazing 1. 1 billion dollars had been spent online on golf clubs in 2009. Amongst the top sellers were golf shoes, golf waterproofs and golf shirts.
Golf shoes have become more technical than ever in the last few years as designers strive to better their competitors. New shoes almost always feature a waterproof guarantee, hi – tec sole system to supply better comfort, stability and power towards the golf swing. Not to mention looking the part as well!
This trend of more stylish, innovative and fresh products carries over to the golf waterproof market with numerous European manufacturers changing the way the golf world thinks about their waterproofs. Now only being waterproof isnt the only requirement. Golfers expect their garments to be breathable, windproof, quiet (when they swing with them on) and also stylish. This has pushed the prices higher and higher the public still seem pleased to spend their cash on the increasing quality of these products.
To finish off any outfit a quality golf shirt is required and again there has been a marked difference within the apparel now available and that worn by the video games ancestors. Now young professional design icons don their golf shirts with an array of logos from worldwide sponsors. Bright and in your face colours usually lead the way in which with manufacturers looking to get their product noticed through the millions watching on television in your own home.
With this change within the standard and style associated with golf apparel has come a relaxation from the formerly strict dress code found at a number of old fashioned clubs. Yes there are still places the place where a jacket and tie must be worn in the clubhouse, but most golf clubs now accommodate the much less casual, more fashion conscious golfers because they try to attract new members within an ever declining financial atmosphere .

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