Students Of Karate In San Marcos Should Watch These Movies

Whenever a child is learning something new, be it baseball or how to play the piano or perhaps learning a marital art, it is a good idea to enhance their studies outside of the dojo, the ball field or the music room. For those involved in a new sport, watching a related movie can be quite inspiring and there are plenty of fun choices for kids and teens that are taking Carlsbad karate classes.

While there are dozens of martial arts movies out there, some are not appropriate for younger views. For instance, “The Karate Kid,” is a great movie but perhaps is a better option for kids 12 and up. Of course, there is also “The Karate Kid Part 2” and “The Karate Kid Part 3” and “The Next Karate Kid,” to consider although these three were not as highly acclaimed. The recent remake of “The Karate Kid,” however, is more suitable to the 10 and younger set. Both stress the importance of practice and discipline, and kids will be able to relate to the struggles they might be facing regarding bullying.

For a young girl beginning karate, consider the film “Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior.” It might seem a bit silly, but this film does showcase a good amount of martial arts fight scenes as well as highlighting the importance of training. Actress Brenda Song stars in the film and she has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. For some pure silly fun, younger children also will enjoy watching “Kung Fu Panda,” and its sequel, appropriately named “Kung Fu Panda 2.”

Another fun film suitable for kids is “Sidekicks,” which stars martial arts legend Chuck Norris as himself. The film is about a teenage boy besieged by bullies who daydreams about being the sidekick of action star Chuck Norris. Many kids will identify with the main character, a boy that is a bit of a loner, as well as not being physically strong. However, with some hard work and martial arts training, he gains confidence and strength.

For the older child or teenager, you might consider taking a look at some of Bruce Lee’s classic movies such as “Fists of Fury” and “Enter the Dragon.” Lee is perhaps the most famous martial arts master in the world and is often called the father of MMA because he advocated integrating many different styles of fighting. Another fun fact about these two Bruce Lee movies is that they also feature Jackie Chan when he was a teenager and was first getting started in movies.

For those who need a Carlsbad martial arts school, an Encinitas karate school or karate in San Marcos, Team MAI offers classes for children aged four and up. The instructors at this karate school not only are highly skilled black belts, they focus on teaching their students to respect themselves and others, as well as building discipline and confidence. They also strive to make the classes fun and encourage students to build friendships. A two-week free trial is available, so you can try it out before you officially join.

Leigh Metopher enjoys writing about mixed martial arts advantages. For more info about facilities for martial arts Carlsbad or to find karate San Marcos programs, please go to The Team MAI website now.

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