The Disadvantages of Cardiovascular Exercise

by Max Collins

It is pretty much widely know that exercise is essential for weight loss and muscle gain, since more calories must be burned than consumed in a day to lose weight. Also, the muscles must be worked in order to gain mass, yet there are many misconceptions and myths about the best way to lose weight and gain muscle mass at the same time. There is, however, a wrong way to try and achieve this goal, and that is by participating in only cardiovascular exercise.

Cardiovascular exercise has a reputation for being the best way to lose weight, but this reputation is entirely undeserved. It can take as much as ten hours (!) every week to lose weight and this weight loss is minimal; about a pound. You will also experience a plateau of weight loss if you are doing the same exercises all the time – so you can keep working out very hard while getting nowhere!

As mentioned, cardiovascular exercise takes up a load of your free time. For some people this is an inconvenience, but for many other people this is just flat out impossible. Not everyone can pick up and trek to the gym for 15 hours a week. Plus with cardiovascular exercise, it takes time for your body to warm up and even get into calorie burning mode.

Of course, cardiovascular exercise is good for your heart. However, it can be a detriment to your joints. Intense cardio exercises can place a lot of strain on your joints – this can result in joint pain and increase your chances of developing arthritis down the road. These intense cardio workouts also tend to leave your muscles tired and sore, which means it takes longer before you can work out again.

To really see a lot of benefit from a cardio workout regimen, it has to be daily – yes, daily as in seven days a week and for at least an hour every day. As you can imagine, this is likely to leave you feeling sore and tired all of the time. Worst of all, you can gain even more weight if you stop these daily workouts once your body becomes accustomed to them.

With cardio exercises, one must get into what is known as the fat burning zone if you want to see any real results. Calories are burned to some extent with any kind of exercise, but it is next to impossible to burn fat while you are exercising at low intensity. Thus the fat burning zone is very hard fro newcomers to get into; this is a very fast pace which is required.

While cardio exercises have always been touted as weight loss programs, they have never been touted as muscle builders. You are working your muscles in a different fashion, and usually only the lower half of your body is receiving any kind of stimulus. Running or riding a bike for example, don’t involve your upper body at all and while they will make your legs stronger, it will be hard to actually put on additional muscle.

It is possible to get all of the benefits that cardio has to offer without doing it, such as the ability to workout the lungs and the heart without having to run. It is also possible to exercise without causing joint and bone pain, and without having to do it for an hour every single day of the week. Turbulence training offers all of the benefits of cardiovascular exercise, while getting rid of the disadvantages at the same time.

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