Pro Evo Soccer 09 Cheats

by Fexiah Jones

In order to restore gameplay elements that would make up for one hit football game, Konami is utilizing the current-gen game technology to its full extent. Aside from that, it has incorporated a few gameplay enhancements and visual improvements to add realism to the exciting level of play.

First off, you will readily notice that the menu system is so much easier to navigate and control, which is a plus factor for this game. A more manageable menu navigation control will certainly assist to perfectly execute run plays or handling the ball in PES 09. In connection with this, there is also the Manual Control mode that extends your level of control for this game.

Meanwhile, the Teamvision AI System has been given a boost which makes for an excellent feature in Pro Evo Soccer 09. Do not expect to get receive the ball from an AI controlled team whenever you are in a tight position. Hence, there is more emphasis on creating intelligent plays.

Probably the biggest addition for PES 2009 is the Become A Legend mode. A few of those who got the chance to preview this mode thought it had some similarities to FIFA 09’s Be A Pro mode, although Konami explained that this one offers more resonance into the overall gameplay than their rival’s. A player’s performance and input to the field will dramatically impact his progress and efforts in making it to the pro league.

Two more notable modes and features have been given improvements for Pro Evo Soccer 09, which include the Master League and Player-Editor mode. And the moment you start playing PES 2009, you will notice that it has more realistic visuals. Player likeness is indeed more prominent, which is a huge departure from the cartoon-like look that we saw from previous games. Other aspects of the game that now sports a more polished look are the defense animation and most of the action sequences.

Overall, the gameplay in PES 09 turns it focus more into the ball, which plays a crucial role in a football sim game. The developers have worked on improving the ball so that it will elicit its own responses to any form of physical contact independently. Take notice as the ball hits either the surface or during wet conditions, and it will produce different physical responses and the same goes when it is hit by players.

Konami is hoping that with these new improvements, Pro Evo Soccer 09 will be able to redeem the franchise football glory. Konami’s efforts must be doubled now more than ever if it wants to survive the challenge that FIFA is placing right on its lap.

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