Skydiving Equipment: More Than A Fancy Parachute

by Andrew Caxton

A Good Skydiving Helmet

In the world of skydiving, there are several pieces in the equipment puzzle that are considered essential, even crucial. This is certainly the case in most extreme sports and in some where the element of risk is part of the allure. When skydivers purchase skydiving equipment, they invariably include a good helmet, primarily to protect the head if something goes wrong (but also for general protection during the jump).

Which Style Fits You Best?

First-time purchasers may choose from a variety of styles. It might be wise for the student or learning skydiver to talk at length with expert amateurs and professionals, to get some ideas about the best helmets. Personal taste and opinion will always have some bearing on these skydiving equipment decisions, but no one should try to save a few dollars and sacrifice comfort or safety.

The basic choice, and among the least expensive, is the open face helmet with a simple strap for the chin. A separate pair of goggles protect the eyes from the wind during the dive. These fundamental helmets come in various colors and are often the helmet provided during school and training.

Some skydivers add a full-face helmet to their skydiving equipment bag. These models have a moulded chin guard as part of their design. They also have a visor that takes the place of the separate goggles mentioned earlier. Many skydivers find this type of helmet more comfortable. They also enjoy better viewing because there are no goggle frames or edges to obstruct the view. Those who wear eyeglasses may find this type of helmet ideal.

Filming The Jump

Most beginning skydivers don’t include a video camera in their equipment because they rely on the skydiving school or instructor to provide video record of their activity. But some who stick with this exciting sport eventually invest in a helmet with built in camera. Almost any camera of reasonable size can be accommodated. Some skydivers attach a camera to a standard helmet using specially designed brackets. The appearance is more bulky than a camera helmet but the results are usually very good.

Some skydivers include headgear that is little more than a leather cover for the head that holds hair down. But these are not recommended, as they provide no protection for the head during or at the end of the jump. A good helmet worn during a skydive can literally be the difference between life and death.

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