Take The Guesswork Out of Golf With GPS

by Michael Kentag

Are you a good golfer? Or do you want to be a good golfer? There is a product on the market that will help you with this quest. The advent of satellite technology has made this possible. For those of you who don’t know, GPS, or Global Positioning System uses satellites and microwaves to determine various factors such as distance, speed, and location. Some genius has now turned this function into a handy golf tool!

Golf GPS certainly makes life for golfers a bit less difficult. Time consuming methods of information gathering can bog down your game. This tool eliminates the need to look in yardage materials and you can download course information right on the unit! It helps get you through the game efficiently, without hassle, and in no time! If there is a golfer in your family, don’t hesitate to buy one!

There are two types of rangefinders, laser and GPS. Though laser technology is useful, these rangefinders can be troublesome. It takes time to set them up. They are also more difficult to use. The GPS system is easy to use, just enter some golf course data and it makes golf that much easier! The GPS will eliminate the guessing involved in golf. No more wondering exactly how hard to hit the ball, or which club to use!

Different types of rangefinders are available. Laser rangefinders are also widely in use. These units can be a bit of a pain in the neck. Laser rangefinders have a bit of a reputation for being more difficult to use and harder to set-up. With the GPS, there is no set-up, you simply enter some data and you are ready to roll. Don’t worry about your game, worry about the other guy’s game!

If that unit does not suit you well, try the Skycaddie SG5. It features a full color and full depth display. It comes in a water-proof case for durability and protection. You can even set your own color themes! This unit is a bit more expensive, at around $430, but you get more bells and whistles!

If that model is not the one, try the Sonocaddie XV2 Golf GPS. This unit comes to about $300, similar to the Golflogix equipment. With personalized course targets and a digital scoreboard, this model is equipped to the max. For maximizing you golf game, this is the one you need.

For golfers on a budget, the iNeo GPS system. Is just what you need. Totaling only half of the Golflogix and Sonocaddie, this will certainly not set you back, but it will help your game. Waterproof, with a trip calculator, it uses a lithium ion battery for all its power needs. Try one today!

Whether you give this as a gift or if you buy it for yourself, it will bring joy to the new owner. Golfers, both amateur and professional, will appreciate a gift that shows you care. They will know you paid attention to all the work they put in their swing. Pick one up and swing that club!

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