The Rules And Origin Of Hemp Jiu Jitsu Gi

Watching a martial arts film or presentation is actually very interesting. It makes you feel alive and vibrant. Somehow, you would want to learn how to do the sport like they do. If you have this idea on your mind, it is actually a good engagement. Learning self defense will give you a sense of security and confidence.

However, learning martial arts could be quite demanding. You do not only deal with a strict instructor, you also have to comply with all the rules of self discipline and tradition just like being in the military arena. But when you have acquired the skills and have learned the basic steps, you would surely enjoy. But for the moment, you have to abide by the rules and one of it is wearing the appropriate dress code. For the Brazilian martial arts, they call it hemp jiu jitsu gi.

A proper attire is very much necessary for this training. Every school that teaches this martial arts require their students to wear their uniforms. It is to distinguish the particular kind of sport that you are learning. There are many kinds of martial arts. Nearly every country has its own and they vary in style and discipline.

Some of the most common terms for this sport are the kung fu, tae kwon do, karate, jujitsu, and many more. Basically, your uniform signifies which sport you are in. But aside from that, it has something to do with your convenience during the activity. You cannot possible wear tight fitting clothes during the fight. It will hinder your capacity to bend and perform flexible movements. With this, you cannot perform your best.

Imagine fighting with very tight pants on and a heavy upper undergarment. It will hinder your capacity to move. Not just that, you will encounter accidents and attain unnecessary injuries. With this, buy the appropriate garment for you to use. After all, it would be for your own good. The Brazilian outfit is made from heavy cotton and consists of a jacket and pajama which are made from long fiber.

It also has a design unique to its own. It has a rope style draw string which can be taken out and put in easily, as well as a UVA foam collar. Not just that, their outfits are firmly stitched in order for it to stand the harsh conditions of the sport. Also, knowing that it would induce a lot of force and movement, the attire is made a lot firmer.

The complete set of the uniform comes with the following things. There should be the trim, the patches, and the sparring gear. Before you get your teachers to see you in class, you should be able to present yourself with this complete set, or else you will not be able to join the class. Also one of the very important rules is to keep yourself in proper hygiene all the time.

With this, also comes along the tradition and proper care for the uniform. The whole outfit should be washed regularly except for the belt. The belt has a significant value in martial arts since the honor lies in it. It is taught that all the knowledge you learn in this endeavor is stored in the belt so you should not wash it or your learning will go along with it.

That is because jiu jitsu originated from the Japanese martial arts. It was taught by Mitsuyo Maeda, a Japanese artist to two Brazilians. Each generation taught to the next until it has become popular and with time developed its own style.

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