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There are many methods of combat in the world presently. These are known as martial arts styles and some are very traditional. Others on the other hand are very modern. Nevertheless, they are all unique in the way they teach fighting. However, there is a significant amount of overlap among the various styles. In considering martial arts Austin residents have many options to go for.

There are stand-up styles that teach individuals how to defend themselves whenever they are on their feet. These utilize kicks, blocks, punches, elbows and knees. The level to which these aspects are taught is dependent on the specific style and instructor. These techniques also teach other aspects of fighting. Among the striking styles are karate, kung fu, kickboxing and copoeira. Grappling styles focus on educating practitioners on ways to take opponents to the ground. They will achieve either dominant position or be able to utilize a submission hold in ending a fight.

Takedown or throwing styles are also available. Usually, combat starts from standing positions. The best way of taking fights to the ground is through the use of throws or takedowns. This is the point in which throwing styles will be used. All styles of grappling also teach takedowns. As a result, there a considerable level of overlap. Throwing styles include hapkido, aikido and judo.

A good number of the styles mentioned make use of weapons within their systems. There however are techniques that focus mainly on the use of weapons. Kali and kendo are among these. Individuals practicing low impact techniques lay more emphasis on styles of fitness, breathing and the spiritual side of things. This is irrespective of whether some styles were at one point in tome used for combat.

One fact for sure is that most styles of martial arts use techniques found in others. Lately, most schools have begun to mix the various style sin their teaching. Using hybrid styles allows for submissions, grappling and stand-up fighting all at once. Other hybrid styles are shoot-fighting and MMA.

In aikido, the individual flows with the motion of the attacker without opposing it straight on. It is a form of grappling art whose origin was Japan. Compared with other techniques, it needs less strength physically because practitioners direct the attacker momentum with turning motions and entering. This gets followed by throws and joint locks.

Judo was created in Japan in 1882 and is relatively modern. Its aim is to either subdue opponents with grappling maneuvers or throw them onto the ground. The only moment that strikes and thrusts by use of hands are allowed is during pre-arranged times. These are however not permitted in free practice and competitions.

Hapkido has its origin in Korea and makes use of joint locks and punches. There is also the use of such weapons as canes, swords, ropes and staff. Their emphasis is however varied. This style focuses on use of circular motion, body positioning and footwork in gaining leverage. It is similar to aikido due to a common history but they have different philosophies.

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