You wish to Industry Your company, But Do You’ve Some time?

Nicely, would you? If not, how do you’ve got time for you to run a profitable company? By profitable, I am not just referring to revenue. I also include things like time to complete what you wish in profitability. Time is dollars right?

I am going to give you golden nuggets of time administration knowledge that I personally use in my immediate response copywriting business. To qualify that these actually work? I make use of all of these methods personally, and i "work" no more than 4 hours a day! Use them in your business today!

1) The foundation is your desk. How clean and organized is your desk? Would you adopt the principle of "use it, file it, or throw it away" with every single item that comes across your desk? You either use information (paper, email, whatever), file information (only if you’ve TIME STAMPED when you are likely to use it), or throw it away completely! Some items are just not important enough to waste valuable time on.

2) Magazines, would you read them? Really, do you? Or, like I used to, does one let them stack up in a pile? hoping to get to them someday. When you finally do, they are outdated? or you manage to read a smaller part of a magazine, then throw it back on the pile you created. Here is the secret: Use the table of contents! Find those articles you like appropriate away, and rip or cut them out of the magazine! Then, read now, or file the article in a folder for that magazine subject or title. It is much easier to read the articles you are interested in only? and it makes sense.

3) Do you find yourself listening to audio recordings? If so, a real timesaver is to listen to the recording at double speed (2x). In 99% of the cases, you can still understand what is being said, and it doubles your efficiency in getting information. This cuts your listening time in half!

4) How organized is your office? No truly, I mean it. Is your office chair in easy reach of filing cabinets, supplies, and other necessary items without having to get up? Getting up and down for a few seconds each time adds up quickly? this technique alone can save you an hour a day! What can you do with an extra 60 minutes? Perhaps take lunch?

5) How does one process "interruptions?" Do you end up checking a blank email box 20 times a day, or check it three times at specific times of the day? Do you schedule phone calls, or does one pick up the phone and answer it every time Aunt Mable calls? How you handle your incoming activities (phone, email, people visiting etc? ) can seriously take away from your valuable time! Remember one idea here? NOBODY AND NOTHING controls your time except YOU! It is a conscious decision that you make to take a phone call or send another email? attend a meeting? or any other time suckers.

Please don't take it out on other people when "you don't have enough time." It is YOU that made that decision in the first place.

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