4 Wonderful Picnic Places near Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is the huge city and capital city of Gujarat state. It is a wonderful city with numerous historical places and other sightseeing places and also this city is very popular in terms of main industrial center of India.

In this article, I told you some picnic spots nearby region in Ahmedabad. There are several charming places around Ahmedabad to visit. If you have a short time or busy schedule, along with your friends and family, you can explore these places for the picnic or you plan your one or two day trip of Ahmedabad with Ahmedabad tourism packages.

Taranga Hills

Taranga Hills is a consecrated place for Digamber and Swetambar both kinds of Jains. This place is just 130 km away from Ahmedabad. The beauty does not finish here. Here you also see the greens, Jungle in Taranga Hills and apart from these also enjoy the Anartpur castle and Buddhist shrine too. This is the awesome place for the picnic where you come with your family.

Maniar’s Wonderland

This amusement park is just 13 km far from Ahmedabad. Kids will enjoy this place mostly and this is the perfect place for the picnic day out with your family. Maniar’s Wonderland is a water park where you mostly enjoyed in summer. Your children will enjoy here Snow Park with the snowball fight, water activities, Aqua Park and Dessert bikes and much more. The perfect time to explore this place is March to July.

Indroda Nature Park

This park is positioned on the end of river Sabarmati and popular as Jurassic Park of India. This park is 25 km away from Ahmedabad and extends on 400 hectares region. This park is titled as the second huge hatchery of Dinosaurs eggs.  In this park, you found many distinct parts like mammal part, Earth Division, marine sector, plant section, reptile section, botanical section and fossil section etc. This park also provides the camping facility. This is a perfect place where you enjoying with your friends and family and spend a one day as a picnic.

Thol Bird Sanctuary

Thol Bird Sanctuary is just 50 km away from Ahmedabad. This is a synthetic lake near Thol parish in Mehsana District; marshes are covered by the superficial fresh water. Here you found the 150 variety of birds including herons, Sarus crane, ducks, pelicans, flamingo, and geese etc. This is a perfect place for the nature lover and bird lovers and this place also provides the hotel facility for those who want to stay overnight here.

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