Animal Lovers’ Guide to the Canaries

The Canary Island’s unique volcanic formation has made it one of the world’s most diverse destinations for plants and animals. In fact, this island chain is home to more than 600 endemic species, the largest national park in Spain, and marine reserves in Lanzarote. It is no wonder then that this archipelago’s diverse wildlife attracts visitors from all over the world, approximately 12-million tourists a year. With this many people to entertain, the Canary Islands provides a wealth of animal-themed activities for all ages and visitors.

Parents that are looking for a place where their children can interact with animals in a safe environment should pay a visit to Pardellas Park in Lanzarote. This locally-run children’s farm houses cows, goats, and pigs to name a few, and allows children to feed the animals. Donkey rides are also available for a small fee, and there is a restaurant and small library for parents that want to spend the day there.

Many local tourist agencies organise glass bottom boat trips around the island of La Graciosa, where you can get a fish’s eye view of the dolphins and coral reefs that inhabit the shores. For those that are looking for a more active excursion, tourist agencies can also organise deep sea fishing expeditions or scuba diving trips around the island.

Gran Canaria is also a popular destination flooded with a variety of animal friendly activities. Dubbed a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO, the island is packed with a number of plant and wild life. There are also around 50 different types of birds in Gran Canaria.

For those that are vigilant, it is also possible to spot the island’s namesake, the canary. There are many all-inclusive hotels situated all over the island, so visitors will never be too far from a bird watching excursion.

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