Biker Rides With Eyes Closed Heart Open

[I:] We are Bikers and we ride.

Some times the road can be very Long,

Sometimes the road will not be paved and will be very hard to ride down,

sometimes we must ride into the Storm.

Sometimes We may ride not even sure of where it is we are going.

Sometimes we stop and think about turning back and Sometimes We may even turn around and begin to go back!

But as True Bikers We will always keep going and continue till the Ride is over!

Because that is who we are and We know in our hearts that even when it looks as if we are lost and alone,

The Spirits of our Brothers are always among us and the Ride will take us right where we are Supposed to be!

-By Your Bro LJ James [I:]

(From the Spirits of Big Tom Berg & Ted Wern )

You know what “Everything I know maybe wrong!” But I refuse to believe I am Wrong this time! My Fallen Brothers are talking to me and watching over me !

I hope to See everyone who rides join Me worldwide on the last Wednesday in June every year, for the Biker Holiday “Forget Work and Lets Ride Day ! This day is to be Spent Riding with those we have not Ridden with Before or in a while and in Memory of those We will Never get to ride with again !!!

We as Bikers and Motorcycle Riders must never Forget it is all about the Riding of Motorcycles and the Brotherhood that comes with sharing these experiences and adventures together.

If you do not ride and have never ridden a Motorcycle you maybe a good person but you are not a Biker ! There are far too many Bike less Bikers trying to tell us how it is Supposed to be these Days !

LJ James is a freelance Author and he owns a Ed Hardy Style Clothing store LJ James is also the Co-Host on an online TV show. Unique version for reprint here: Biker Rides With Eyes Closed Heart Open.

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