Doesn’t everyone want to travel with freedom?

by Lucas Trottier

I have trouble believing that there is anybody out there in this world who’d prefer not to have the freedom to travel when and where they want. The way you can with MOR Vacations. Though everybody might like this idea, who has the monetary insurance (money) to live this way? Only a very small amount of people. Most times, a person’s paycheck is the real dictator in their choice of when and where they may choose a vacation. Whether their job is data entry, or office worker, or managing a restaurant. These jobs seem to always come with the condition of following a set schedule, or losing your job.

If you ask any life coach, spiritualist, guru, or even psychologist (like James Hillman), the single biggest block most people have, is lack of imagination. This reminds me of a quote by Albert Einstein were he said’ “Imagination is more important than knowledge”. For most people this is the single biggest factor in deciding the limitations of their lives. When someone who works a 9 to 5 job is asked what else they could realistically do to create an income that stems from something their more passionate about, generally they have no answer. In other words they can’t imagine any other way. But the fact is there are other ways with supportive team help like you get with Team Diamond it can be done.

This is really a problem on all levels of life. It both restrains individuals, in terms of their perceived life choices, but it also has serious consequences for the world as a whole. For instance, most people would agree that they don’t want war to be so pervasive in the world. Yet ask them how governments and empires would function without it. The answer you get is always full of holes (though there are some notable exceptions). This is because most people don’t really exercise their imaginations. In fact most people don’t realize, the imagination functions like a muscle. So if you’re reading this message, then you’ve heard it said by me anyway, “Flex your imagination regularly and watch the colors of your life increase and vivify.”

What does this have to do with traveling? Well not much, except maybe if you can’t imagine yourself in Manu Picchu, then your probably not going there anytime soon. It does relate to traveling when one wants to, as opposed to when one can. It also has consequences as to where one can travel as well as what circumstances one travels in. In this regard I have a personal belief, one I’ve developed by drawing from many different sources and experiences. It is…… The right of all living things is to fulfill their desires. If you desire to see the great architecture of Europe, then in order for you to be satisfied, you must fulfill that desire. But first you must find a way to get there, as well as eat, and have shelter along the way.

So we come back again to having the monetary insurance (money) to travel when you want, where you want, and how you want. Ultimately it’s up to every individual to figure out for themselves. But there are solutions out there. I really want to push this point, because it has some amazing and wonderful implications. You or anybody else can have the life you want, and travel to wherever you want, whenever you want and in whatever style.

In fact, you or anybody else can simply have the life you want. You only need to find your way to fulfill your desires in a realistic way. I would be happy to tell you a few methods that have been shown to work, so feel free to ask me what I do or check out Team Diamond or MOR Vacations for yourself.

Sincerely Lucas Trottier

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