Experience The Rich History Of Lima

Lima, the capital of Peru was founded by Francisco Pizarro in the year 1535 as Ciudad de los Reyes or otherwise known as “City of the Kings”.

For most visitors to Peru’s capital, Lima, the city evokes images of its fascinating past and the history of the Inca people. What is less well known is that the city has so much more to offer!

Just to the north of Lima on the coast, a very significant burial site was founded that dates back to before the Incan time period. At this sight, there were many different finds, including textiles, pottery, and most importantly, the oldest archers bow ever found in all of the Americas (dating back to at least 3,000 years ago).

The National University of San Marcos is one of the oldest and constantly functioning centers of America. Located in Lima, it was founded on May 12, 1551 in the period of the Spanish Colonial Regime.

Although Lima features beautiful desert beaches that borders the Pacific Ocean, the city also boast with several historical sites that showcase the rich history of Lima.

If you don’t feel like going from place to place all day, right in the heart of Lima, there’s a wonderful historical center. In it, there is an endless supply of anything and everything that you could ever want to learn about Lima, Peru (which was acknowledged as a “Cultural World Heritage Site” by UNESCO). This historical center consists of a few different buildings. Within these buildings are some of the best ways to really get to know Lima. By visiting these buildings, you will learn everything from the history of Peru, the invasion of Spanish Conquistadors, to traditional cooking and beautiful artwork.

The only way to experience the city and its rich heritage is to visit this amazing city. This article only lists some of the many attractions found in Lima and therefore serves as the tip of an iceberg. One fact remains and that a traveler will not be disappointed visiting the historical city of Lima, Peru.

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