Explore to Brief introduction of Himachal Pradesh

Introduction of Himachal Tourism 

Himachal Pradesh is a land which is bestowed with natural grandeur at its best – picturesque locations, snowcapped mountains, lush green valleys, a cool climate and hospitable people. It is indeed the very lap of nature. It is therefore a fact that Himachal Pradesh has immense tourism potential; a potential that it must leverage and sustain. Tourism has its benefits which Himachal Pradesh must cash on without getting affected by its shortcomings.

To leverage on this tourism potential, it is necessary for Himachal not only to sell itself but also analyse the needs, the perceptions, the preferences, the satisfaction of the customers that it can provide. Hence the study aims to analyse these very tourist responses with the help of a questionnaire.

The study revealed that although Himachal has unique natural offerings it is not able to cash upon them due to lack of various facilities. Most of tourists’ expectations were met with but they depended on the presence of good necessities like amenities, food and water and proper infrastructural facilities like accommodation, transport, accessibility, etc which were found lacking in certain cases. A majority of the respondents believed that they would come again based on the fact that the natural beauty of Himachal draws them towards it but provided it develops the necessary facilities which may be lacking currently. The tourists believed that Himachal does have the potential of becoming one of the world’s top tourist destinations, if it can overcome its deficiencies and market itself well so as to position itself uniquely in the minds of tourists.

It was therefore suggested that Himachal must develop its infrastructural facilities and promote its offerings in a sustainable manner. It must explore newer avenues in relation with nature and open up its unexplored areas.


Tourism revolves around novelty-seeking, and modern technology has made it talismanic for the tourist to seek out white virginity of the polar regions, to fly into space, and to discover the exoticism of the ‘other’. Tourism results in expansion of the mind and adventure of the soul; it promotes peace and amity in this strife torn world; it is an exercise in deontology to conserve the resources; an environmental pilgrimage; and can also work for the benefit of the poor and the destitute. Tourism today offers a strange world of experiences that needs to be studied thoroughly.

“… Tourism is a basic and most desirable human activity deserving the praise and encouragement of all people and all Government.”

This statement made at the XXI United Nations General Assembly in 1967, acknowledges the importance of the tourism industry. Tourism’s contribution to the world economy is second only to that of oil and is set to better it in another few years. It is therefore a small wonder that many countries in the world are concentrating on the tourism sector to boost up their economies. It was after the second world war that tourism emerged as an industry pushed along by rapid advancements made in the field of communications and transport. This makes tourism the fastest growing industry worldwide. This “smoke-less” industry acts as a catalyst for socio- economic development and also encourages mutual understanding by bringing into its fold a large variety of activities and individuals which include trades, businesses, shopping, lodging, catering, transport arts and crafts, religion etc.

The tremendous positive impact created by this widely accepted and flourishing industry has stimulated various nations to channelise their efforts in developing their tourism industry and gear up to meet the ever escalating demand.

Contributions of Tourism Industry

  • Economic development
  • Infrastructure development
  • Employment generation
  • Community development
  • Restoration of culture
  • Environmental preservation
  • Promotion of harmony and understanding

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