Garmin 1490LMT – Your Portable Travel Companion

Many of today’s smartphones have in-built GPS skills, and at first glance their feature set may be pretty intimidating. Community-driven points of interest, roadmaps downloadable on the fly, 3D buildings – the list goes on and on. But because smartphone GPS devices ought to be stuffed into a small space with many other features, they are usually much weaker, and on occasion demand help from the cellular network to even acquire a lock-on.

Dedicated GPS devices would not have these issues and that is why they are still viable purchase options. A good example, and the subject of this review, is the Garmin 1490LMT, a five-inch wonder that carries a whole host of features at par with the competition without breaking the bank.

The first thing you’ll observe about the Garmin GPS receiverand perhaps its most important trait, is its huge five-inch monitor, which is even brighter compare to some of the 4.3-inch gadgets that Garmin has released and makes touchscreen routing much better on the road. Some can protest regarding the reality that its 480×272 resolution remains equivalent as that of the smaller units, however no adjustment was necessary given the distance at which you will be interacting with the display anyway. The whole device hardware construction is solid, with a strong matte plastic back and a glossy bezel up front. An included suction cup mounting bracket lets you set the receiver on your windshield conveniently.

The interface is very easy to employ, with what amounts to a homescreen having 2 large buttons: “Where To?” which permits you to choose a destination, either from among the millions of POIs included or by road name, and “View Map,” which permits you to browse the included North American maps or any others that you have downloaded and placed into it using the microSD expansion slot. The map alone can be viewed 2D or 3D, and is produced much nicer to apply by the excellent monitor. Turn-by-turn navigation cues are big and detectable, and are improved via clear voice navigation cues.

Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair the Garmin 1490LMT with a Bluetooth-appropriate cellular phone and employ the GPS receiver as a speakerphone, with its onboard speaker and microphone taking over the handset’s own. The screen may change into a dialer so you could make calls without ever reaching for the phone itself. It’s a great mark, bearing in mind that there are devoted “car mode” LCD panels that exist solely for this functionality.

Overall the Garmin 1490LMT has many features that are much superior by a larger display. It could price a little more than its smaller brethren, however the improve provided by larger screen real estate is worth the additional cost.

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