Going on Vacation? Try Greece!

by Georgia Jones

With rugged escarpments and clear azure water, Greece has a splendor like no other country. Western culture has long been influenced by the civilization of Greece. It really is no wonder that over sixteen million people visit Greece each year. With tourist activities and sites offered in sports, nightlife, and history, experiences in Greece teem. For visitors to Greece, I have compiled some helpful information.

Officially known as the Hellenic Republic, Greece gets that name from the time of mythological Helen. A map of Greece would display the fact that Greece is encompassed by the Mediterranean and the Aegean Seas. The ancient country of Greece is located in southeast Europe. Loaded with culture and history, Greece is the pinnacle of tourism. Democracy, philosophy, and theater have their beginnings rooted in Greece.

Most visitors start their journey in Athens. The capital of Greece, Athens is also its largest city. Part of the European Union, Greece uses the Euro as its currency. Since many locations in Greece are still “old world” style, tourist necessities, such as ATMs, may be hard to access. Before leaving the main tourist areas, plan ahead for this.

Greece is part mainland, but also has numerous islands. The summer season is a good time to visit the many beaches on the mainland or the islands. The ferry system helps tourists to experience many of the islands. If you decide to go in winter, the Greek mainland offers excellent skiing. Whether in winter or summer, Greece offers many choices for travelers.

Greek food is loved the world over. Many dishes, native to Greece, should be experienced while there to truly experience Greek culture. Well known dishes include stifado, Greek salad, and spanakopita. Souvlaki, similar to shish kebab, is made of meat and vegetables grilled on a stick, though it can even refer to a gyro. A popular dessert is Pantespani, a sponge cake with a traditional orange-flavored syrup. You will not go hungry in Greece!

While in Greece, there are many activities to participate in or sights to see. There is the Greece national football team, which is one of the best in the world. They also have the Greek Super League. Composed of sixteen teams, this is the highest level of professional football in Greece. While there, you should see a game, if European football interests you.

If history is one of your interests, Greece will be your heaven! Many aspects of Western culture stem from Greek ancient history. Sites related to these cultural beginnings can be found throughout Greece. Places like the Acropolis and the Parthenon will awe and inspire visions of the past. The palaces that house amazing frescoes on the island of Crete are notable as well.

No matter what the purpose of your trip to Greece, every whim can be catered to. From ancient historical sites to the favored sports of the country, Greek experience opportunities abound. The food and seaside vistas throughout the country will create an atmosphere of romantic tranquility. Lose yourself in the beauty and history that is Greece!

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