Havana: Private homes

by Jose Mauricio Maurette

We all know these are difficult days and there is no much money left for holidays and leisure in our pockets. So we have to find cheap alternatives – either that or stay at home and don’t go any where. If you are thinking of going to Cuba on Holidays then I am going to give you a hint on how to cut down on the cost.

Hotels in Cuba as I mentioned before are not very cheap although there is a number of options for as little as $14.00 per person per night. The problem is that everybody traveling on a budget want to stay in these very few hotels so to find accommodation in cheap hotels in places like Havana for instance is extremely difficult. There is an article listing the cheapest hotels in Havana. Please follow the link http://www.qassia.com/the-cheapest-hotels-in-havana for more info on cheap hotels.

If you are traveling to Cuba on a tight budget then why not to take advantage of the excellent prices that Casas Particulares in Cuba offer. Casas Particulares is the term used locally for Private Rentals in Cuba. These properties have a special license from the government which allows them to accommodate Tourist.

As you probably know Cuba is a communist country with very strict regulations when it comes to private business. The government has imposed a series of limitations to the landlords that some find a bit annoying.

Tourists are allowed in Casas Particulares as long as they share the house with the Cuban family. There are limitations in terms of how many rooms a landlord can rent and how many passengers on each room.

This is the thing: if you do not have a problem with sharing a house with a Cuban family then this option is right for you. The truth is that there is no better way to know Cuba and Cubans that sharing a house with a Cuban family.

There are very few houses, villas and apartments that risk rent on an independent basis. You will not find this advertised openly on the web as it is illegal according to the Cuban laws yet you can find few of them especially in Havana. If you want to stay independent on a private house in Cuba the best thing to do is get in touch with the landlords or the webmasters of websites advertising vacation rentals in Cuba.

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